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  • Sapphire Eyes | tk
    619K 40.4K 62

    His sapphire blue eyes are all the trueblood needs. (this is not a typical Omegaverse I highly recommend reading the story details first) Heavily inspired by the manga- pendulum: kemonobito omegaverse! There are a lot of grammatical errors, English isn't my first language thank you.

    Completed   Mature
  • In Another Life | TK (ONGOING)
    4.9K 538 20

    "May death be our last kiss, my love." They were far; then they were near; then they were nowhere, now they are closer than ever before. And each time, it's for the worse. In a place where two lovers are never supposed to be united, Jungkook believes that, in the fullness of time, will find the home he so desperatel...

  • Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down | TK
    143K 13.5K 42

    "You're never 'an' alpha, you're always 'the' alpha!" All Jungkook sees, all Jungkook hears - tear down an alpha you see as an equal, bring down a trueblood you consider above. That's all he has in mind when he trudges to conquer the rival pack - the most feared, the most in talks. What however blows his mind away is...

    Completed   Mature
    7.2K 776 3

    Taehyung met Jungkook at hotel while running away from something. Cover credit: @believeroftaekook

  • HOPE ✔
    1.4M 63.5K 50

    (UNEDITED) Taehyung, a poor boy who was abused by his father and lost all of his desires to live but, fate decided something else for him when he met someone who gives him hope... "You give me hope Jungkook " Jeon Jungkook, a mafia leader.. cruel and heartless, never tried to find someone who can be his weakness, but...

  • His Killer | KOOKV ✔
    1.3M 93K 49

    An attempt to kill Kim Taehyung has made his life miserable. The wounds of the past that he tries to conceal haunt him to no end which result to what he thought to be a chance encounter with the hired killer himself, Jeon Jungkook. ****** Pediatric surgeon, Kim Taehyung, does not know that his life is in danger until...

    Completed   Mature
  • SECOND TRIAL | tk | ✓
    341K 34K 81

    - the way jungkook coiled around taehyung was reminiscent of the swines of tattoos that twirled in the laters arm, dragging the omega down to his worst ever nightmare, to his second trial. "oh darling, we are supposed to hate each other. murderously so." top!jungkook bottom!taehyung +namjin +yoonmin/yoonminseok [COMP...

    Completed   Mature
  • RAMPANT WOLVES - Taekook
    97.3K 8.1K 22

    Jeongguk's father always told him not to get in trouble with the local gangsters and to always be on their good side. Jeongguk always listened to his father. So he decided to have the leader's son on his bed Omegaverse au Top! Kook Bottom! Tae

  • [VKOOK] Angels And Demons ✔
    150K 7.3K 10

    This fic is about how an angel got conned multiple times by the same demon.

  • Taekook Oneshots
    11.1K 588 4

    Stories might contain angst, fluff, smut, or violence. This is for the stories I think up that I don't have time to make a whole book out of, or that I just don't think warrant a whole book. Top-Kook Bottom-Tae

  • Somehow, Again |Taekook
    19.4K 1.2K 4

    Jungkook turned on his lifelong best friend, Taehyung, for the sake of popularity. He's left guilt-stricken and broken-hearted when Tae commits suicide. Ten years later, he's still not over the loss of Taehyung. But, what happens when he has a vision of Tae? Will he have a second chance? Very short story, loosely ins...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Goddess (J.JK x K.TH)- [Currently Rewriting]
    4.5K 673 34

    "I want one thing. One small wish. I want someone to look at me with love, not just with lust. I want to fall in love and I want to meet a man who will fall in love with me." "I don't believe in this crap but.......I have one wish. And I wish to meet you again one day" Top: Jungkook Bottom: Taehyung ❗I DO NOT OWN BTS...

  • HIWAGA | tk | ✓
    403K 32.1K 47

    - in which jungkook abducts the mysterious omega prince of baekje, but things does not go as planned. top!jungkook bottom!taehyung [COMPLETED] highest ranking: #1 fanfiction #1 taekook #1 vkook

    Completed   Mature
  • KISS MY WOUNDS | tk | ✓
    663K 41.4K 36

    the rule goes like this- "In a war, the pack alpha that lost must offer their first born to the winning pack." top!jungkook bottom!taehyung |this work contains mature themes| [COMPLETED] highest ranking: #1 fanfiction #1 taekook #1 vkook

    Completed   Mature
  • Mafia's Little
    1M 37.8K 47

    where a cold, heartless Mafia who kills people in seconds without any mercy, meets a cute little who is the most innocent boy in the world. what do you all think? Will the Cold Mafia's heart melt for the first time seeing a cute fluff human? Ranked #1 (taekook) on 11th May 2021 #1 (jungkook) ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Captain Jeon 'Since 1894'
    1.1M 48K 48

    [taekookau] "When the war is over, we'll get married and I'll grow flowers like you, and our story will be one of the most beautiful love tales in the universe." - a letter found in the pocket of a dead soldier ; Captain Jungkook Jeon, 1895.

  • His Buried Past| Taekook
    1.3M 70.7K 47

    Jungkook coldly abandoned his boyfriend Taehyung, only to hear shortly after that his former lover was murdered. Six years later, Jungkook is the head of a powerful mafia group, and is determined to find and punish Tae's killers. But who is this assassin "V" that he keeps hearing about? 8/3/2018 #1-BottomTae 8/10/2018...

  • Moonlight Before Dawn ~ Vkook✔
    108K 8K 33

    [Completed] Jungkook was a gifted child by Moon Goddess. He always lived with a small tribal pack in a dense forest, until one day when he came to know the beta woman he used to call his mother was not his real mother and his parents, who were the king and queen of their nation, were brutally killed by the current kin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Arranged Marriage | tk
    2.6M 129K 44

    They both hate each other. The rivalry goes from the times of their school years and they never knew when it got serious and it got way too serious without even seeing eachother, just in their hearts. Also, their families have an ongoing conflict as well and their ego also boost up the rivalry between the two but it'...

    Completed   Mature
  • Secrets | KOOKV
    379K 19.9K 45

    A reunion between ex lovers, Taehyung and Jungkook, happens in an unexpected event which brings back the memories that cause them heartaches. But not only that, along with it, hiding underneath all the pain and anger is love. ****** Top model, Kim Taehyung, has been making a fortune through his job. His face is all ov...

  • Bewitched | KOOKV ✔
    128K 7.7K 8

    BOOK 1 of WICKED Series Taehyung has found the tastiest blood that will quench his thirst. All he has to do is to lure the prey with his beautiful face and plump sexy ass. However, it's not going to be easy if the target is a cop. Content warning: Mature | R-18 TopKook and BottomTae

    Completed   Mature
  • Still With You | KOOKV (ON HOLD)
    60.1K 5.5K 18

    After picking a mysterious book in one of the school library's shelves, Taehyung wakes up in a strange place in an era he only learns from history books. Worse comes to worst, his reflection in the mirror is not of his own, and the people with unfamiliar faces keep on calling him a name he has not heard before. One pa...

    84.8K 9.8K 27

    obticeō - "I am silent." Everyone had a Shadow but, somehow, Taehyung's Shadow was a little bit different than others. His Shadow didn't look like his own body silhouette reflected on the ground in the absence of light. It came under the manifestation of a hooded man with red painting marks on his face and golden da...

    Completed   Mature
  • Past Tense ✓
    619K 49.3K 33

    An young omega, disguised as a farmer boy in the past, meets an alpha disguised as a timetraveler from the future. jjk ⤊ kth ⤋ ✰ cover made by @tzuwinkle ✰

    Completed   Mature
  • Dear One
    123K 6.5K 12

    Helping the cursed King of Bragga, the biggest System in the Galaxy sounded so easy to Taehyung, a recently graduated Guardian from Union Fleet. Piece of cake really! But when he met said king, things never felt more confusing, mainly in the form of his heart beating erratically everytime the cursed man smiled at h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Atama ✓ tk
    689K 50.4K 42

    In Jungkook's case the ♥︎ is smarter than the💡 Taehyung and his gardener Jungkook meet each other between rose petals & tea parties for stuffies. jjk ⤊ kth ⤋ ✰ cover made by @tzuwinkle ✰

    Completed   Mature
  • Artificial Submission ✓ tk
    1.6M 113K 44

    「The higher the rank the lower they fall」 Jungkook is a high schooler and a troubled omega, despising every alpha he comes across. Taehyung, a college boy, is supposed to take over his father's role as the head alpha of his pack. When they meet, life takes an unexpected turn. omega kook...

    Completed   Mature
  • Best Of Me || кσσкν
    420K 24.9K 49

    This is Jungkook's story. In which life is like a steering wheel and it only takes one small move to change your entire direction. Jungkook had plans, big plans for his future but instead his future was hospitals, more hospitals oh and maaaybe a teeny tiny sprinkle of depression but hey? life couldn't be worse than th...

    Completed   Mature
    420K 24.9K 42

    [completed] Cries, blood, howls, wails.. The omega flinches, hands and feet scraping on the rough concrete surface as he moves back. Trying to hide away in the dark. He hears another ear piercing cry of a woman. His hands move up to his ears. Not wanting to hear the helpless screams anymore. He closes his eyes tigh...

    Completed   Mature
  • First Love || kσσkv
    1.1M 62.6K 58

    After five years of forgetting about his abusive relationship with Jeon Jungkook, Taehyung was finally okay with life and himself. Thinking he would never have to face Jeon Jungkook ever again. Until one day they both happen to cross paths with each other, yet again. - - - - - - - 06.06.19 - 11.07.19 ✔️ TAEHYUNG X J...

    Completed   Mature