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    "you know, i haven't been able to get you off my mind," i admitted quietly. my hands were fidgeting a bit nervously on the tabletop. "i told you, i'm unforgettable," billie smirked as she leaned across the table. her eyes stay locked onto mine as she gave me an effortlessly charming smirk. ==========================...

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  • St. Mary's - B.E (✓)
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    "Welcome to St. Mary's school for the troubled child" Billie whispers, her hands on my waist, her lips by my ear. I shudder, trying not to fall into her trap. She brings a hand to my top button, undoing it "You've gotta be in here for something. We're all sinners" she moves down, undoing half of my shirt. I whimper, m...

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    this is a rewrite of my story "want" ============================== "i want you and you want me, so what's the harm, babygirl?" ============================== meet billie eilish; the "top dog" of franklin high. she's easily one of the most intimidating people you'll ever meet. she's short tempered, egotistical, and w...

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  • Property of Billie Eilish (✓)
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    You were comforting and quiet. How did love become so violent?