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  • malignancy of swans | tom riddle
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    Irene Sovetskaya yearns for vengeance. After a strong suspicion of the Emperor's hand in her parents' assassination, the newly titled Countess desires to spill the blood of the monarchy. To do so, she must be admitted to the royal court, and marrying the prince seems the most plausible choice. The only problem is that...

  • Bitter Taste
    27.3K 914 33

    Her features softened, relaxing into something less than comforting. "Oh Tom," she crooned, "Monsters don't fear other monsters. You and I know that far too well." no.8 in Grindelwald 15/12/20 no.59 in Riddle 15/12/20 no.31 in Lordvoldemort 15/12/20 no.2 in darkarts 22/12/20 no.1 in knightsofwalpurgis 5/03/21

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    Rhea Hel is the golden girl of Hogwarts. Everyone adores her and worships the ground she walks on. She flashes a smile or bats her eyes and everyone falls in line behind her, because she could do no wrong in their eyes. Tom Riddle was a charismatic boy that was an enigma to all who knew him. He was quiet and reserved...