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  • Treat you like Royalty
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    MPREG. (( THE COVER IS NOT MINE, ALL CREDIT TO THE CREATOR, I GOT IT OFF PINTREST)) Roman Princeton has been dating Virgil storm for about two years, what happens when Virgil starts to act weird, and when they find out that Virgil and Roman are gonna be parents, will the two make it through this tough journey?

  • Mirror Man - Prinxiety AU
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    Roman is a normal teenage boy. His life in completely normal. Until one day, when he walks into the bathroom to put on makeup before school. In the mirror there is a boy. A boy with purple hair, a black and purple hoodie and black eyeshadow. Roman can see the boy and the boy can see Roman. The boy tells Roman about...

  • Prinxiety One Shot
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    I will take request(I'll put warnings before the story so you know what the contexts will be about.) Just to let you know these stories will be about Prinxiety and a little bit of Logicality and Demus (Janus x Remus) 👑🌩❤️💜