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  • . Two For One . ( Shu x Subaru x Ayato )
    9.6K 163 5

    This starts of with Ayato having two relationship , one with Subaru the other with Shu . He had always been the uke of them both and Shu and Subaru never knew Ayato had a relationship with the other brother . Ayato's secret last long enough until one day , Ayato discovers a shocking scene ...

  • Diabolik Lovers Yaoi lemons
    16.8K 144 4

    This book contains smut and profanity. If u don't like smut or profanity, I advise u not to read this yaoi.

  • Diabolik lovers Yaoi
    31.4K 365 7

    alright.. here u will complete the requests my readers has requested on my first yaoi book on another account. wattpad deleted that one so now I'm simply just completing their requests on this account instead. I'll upload yaoi chapters about Sakamakis Mukamis and tsukinamis. I can do X make reader as well if you ple...

  • (DIS)Diabolik Lovers Random Pairings
    30.3K 352 7

    Smut, fluff, lemons, lime whatever why? Dunno. I just can't ship one pair honestly that's why. It's like-no I just can't it's impossible. So warning Yaoi involved, and some "graphic" content but that's basically it. So yeah.

    2.6K 48 6

    Kou: Since we all know that Subaru can't really leave my basement,we might as well have fun. Ask us if we would rather doing something or something else! I wouldn't mind if we had some dirty ones too~ :3 Subaru: Someone dear god,kill me please

  • Is it okay to love you? (Subaru x Shu)
    58.5K 2.1K 20

    Shu is forced to find a lady to be his bride, his queen and his lover. Someone strong that will rule by his side. A women beautiful and bright. There's just one problem, he's gay.

  • Kou x Subaru Secrets (Old Version)
    4.6K 114 12

    -Please go read the new version of this book 'Kou x Subaru Secrets (Rewritten)' it's 100 times better than this- Kou dragged Subaru to one of his concerts but little did he know Ayato would show up and it would all go to shit Art on the cover isn't mine, credit to artist Trigger warning: homophobia A/N- this is my fi...

  • Diaboliklovers ship and x reader 💀
    51.2K 727 26

    Requesting ships and x reader (diabolik lovers)

  • Diabolik Lovers Yaoi
    162K 2.5K 44

    Hi! I really like Diabolik Lovers and I ship many parings so I though I'd write down them in this book. Enjoy Book discontinued on 13/11/18

  • Shu
    2.1K 40 2


  • Diabolik Lovers YAOI
    139K 2.3K 15

    Hello, Ever wondered what it would be like to live in the world of YAOI Diabolik lovers? Well now you have no choice! get obsessed with all of these sexy vampires! including a couple on the side ;) If you have a plot please DM I'd love to hear, as always the more the merry they say ^^

  • Roses are Red...or are they White? [Subaru x Shu]
    16.9K 551 5

    'In the silence that followed them walking through the corridors, he felt like he should say something, but no words came to mind. All he could think about was the proximity he had been in with Shu just then, and he smiled shyly. He didn't notice Shu glancing back at him, to see this rare and pure smile. "You should s...

  • The damaged white rose
    597 16 8

    Shu x Subaru

  • Diabolik Yaoi
    250K 3.2K 78

    (DISCLAIMER THIS IS BROTHERS X BROTHERS WHICH MEAN BOY X BOY.) A Book about shippings Brothers,Half Brothers, And Step brothers. Enjoy! These pictures aren't mine they belong to the rightful owner, I got these from Pinterest and There sorta blurry, Sorry!

  • imagine - Shu x Yuma
    34.7K 746 10

    A Mukami and a Sakamaki - Is that good? A lil love story between Shu the sleeping pill and tomato-kun♡ Enjoy

  • "Tainted Souls" (A Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction)
    9.3K 137 16

    What happens when the Sakamaki Brothers are ordered to visit one of their Fathers old mansions, that hasn't been visited in a 100 centuries! What happens when they find 6 girls and 1 boy living there. What happens when their Father, Karlheinz the Vampire King, comes in out of nowhere and explains who these girls are a...

  • What's Wrong with Kou? ( Koubaru)
    17.8K 711 27

    Subaru has just realized his feelings for Kou, however around fall time each year the Mukami family becomes extremely stressed, Subaru worrying for the sake of his crush has to find out a way to find out what's wrong with Kou and how to help him. Disclaimer/Warning: Mature Content- Kou Mukami x Subaru Sakamaki, I...

  • More than Brotherly Love(DL) Laito x Ayato( discontinued )
    11.4K 268 11

    One day Laito noticed Ayato looking at him and he smirked which made him blush and growl and Ayato ignored him ever since then...until one day when Laito gets the opportunity he tackles Ayato on the couch and turns him into his slave but they have to hide it from the others (I have a dirty mind ..,) Rated : R18+

  • DIABOLIK ship book 2
    46.3K 640 19

    get ready to have vagina combustion!!!!!! Yaoi. and hentai all in this smexy book (hardcore read at your own risk)

  • DL Yaoi Book Lemons
    1.8K 24 5

    Boys. Boys. Boys. Yaoi. Yaoi. Yaoi. Nude. Nude. Nude. Smexy. Smexy. Smexy. Yui Genderbend OOC'S Requests. Requests. Requests. Created July 7th, 2018

  • Innocence stained crimson
    4.6K 127 14

    Diabolik lovers Abuse fanfic Shu has become just like the others what will Subaru do?

  • A Troubled Love (Subaru x Shu 2)
    8.9K 219 6

    It is now a year after Subaru and Shu had gotten married. They had settled down in a cabin that was located in the middle of a large wood so it would be harder to locate them. Since their brothers was not okay with their relationship they have not seen them in that entire year frame. They were living their life peacef...

  • Diabolik lovers lemon one shots
    131K 1.2K 16

    So just one shot of Diabolik lovers. I take any request.

  • The Second Subaru (Diabolik Lovers x Subaru's long lost twin brother OC)
    25.5K 647 4

    So disclaimer!!! All rights to the creater of DL so all credit goes to them. Anyways~~ After 16 years gone and unknown to the Sakamaki brothers Soku and Yui have to live with them. What will happen there? Will they reveal more secrets then they could have known? Can Soku fall in love with one of the Sakamai brothers?

  • Diabolik Lovers Lemons
    509K 5.5K 110

    Hey ? This book is filled of Shit,Smut and Sluts I tried to be clever but it didn't work ?♀️

  • Diabolik Daddy Scenarios
    460K 8.8K 50

    What if the Sakamaki, Mukami, and Tsukinami were your fathers. How would it turn out? Will it turn out okay? Find out what'll happen if the vampires were your father. I DO NOT OWN DIABOLIK LOVERS AND THE CHARACTERS OF DIABOLIK LOVERS. I DO NOT OWN YOU AS WELL...but if you want to be owned by me, then it's okay. Jk jk

  • Fire and Ice - Laito Sakamaki x Subaru Sakamaki
    3.2K 89 1

    What happens when these two polar opposites find themselves lovesick?

  • Love Me Forever
    7.7K 197 12

    Shu and Subaru grew apart over the years, but now they are closer than ever. An incident could bring them even closer yet or rip them apart completely. Find out here. Sequel to 'You Used To Love Me'. This is a Shu x Subaru fanfiction, therefore, it will also most likely be yaoi. Don't complain/don't read if you don...

  • You Used To Love Me
    4.9K 187 7

    You used to love me. Do you still? This is a Shu x Subaru fanfic. There is a good chance that there will be boyxboy/yaoi. If you don't like that, please don't read this. It is not my fault if you read it anyway, so please do not hate on that.

    Completed   Mature