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  • Random Danganronpa X reader Scenarios!
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    I'll do anything except, Pedo, forced stuff, Smut/Lemon. This is all random so if the characters are out of character I'm sorry. Might make a separate book for Lemons in the future.

  • Snowdrop (Izuru Kamukura x Reader)
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    Basically you find man standing in the snow out of nowhere and you decide to help him out a lil and it's either the best decision you've ever made or the worst thing you've ever done. This is just a comfort thing but yeah 🧍‍♀️Take this entire book with a fat grain of salt

  • Izuru Kamukura X Reader | One-Shot Collection
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    The cold red eyes pierce trough the dark. They looked scary. Well, for everyone else but you. You saw something different in this person. Like, how they seemed to need someone to trust on, someone to cry. Why wouldn't you help him? #2 - kamukura

  • The Butterfly Effect | Izuru Kamukura x female reader
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    The Butterfly effect, also can be connected to the domino effect, is the theory that one slight change in time can change the entire world. It is derived from the metaphor that a butterfly flapping its wings can change the weather from a sunny sky to a horrid storm. At least, that's what I remember learning in class...

    Completed   Mature
  • Izuru's 'Boring' Instagram.
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    My brother Hajime decided to make me a profile on 'Instagram' . This app is very boring. {His @ would be @Izuru_Kamakura because b or i n g ✨}

  • Dead for me <3// Izuru X reader
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    You are out in the ruins of what used to be your town, no one can be found except one interesting guy. He disliked you but stuck around anyway, but feelings change right? Lemons 🍋 (maybe) ((Dirty whore I know what you we're thinking)) (((JKJKJK BABSHFHEHHSSH)))