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  • Brewing Magic
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    Hey everyone! I teamed up with Wattpad and Tim Hortons to create a #TimsColdBrewStories story, inspired by Tim Hortons new smooth and velvety Cold Brew beverage! Tap into your imagination and enter the writing contest by June 8th at 11:59pm. You can find the #TimsColdBrewStories contest here or the @TimHortons profile...

  • The Bus Stops Here: #TimsColdBrewStories
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    For Michelle and Madison, the after school Tim Hortons stopover was a regular part of their routine-and a regular step for Madison's flirting strategy. But when a familiar face gets off at the same stop and Michelle can't seem to remember his name, waiting in line gets a little...awkward. Check out this #TimsColdBrew...

  • The Cold Brew Theory
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    My submission to the #ColdBrewTales contest run by Wattpad & Tim Hortons! Check it out here: to enter!