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  • Cocos And More
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    A collection story stories (& contest entries) [ Short story collection | Ongoing ] ⟶ Angelus brooklyn

  • The Seven Letters Of Love | Editing
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    ── his lover has flown away with the ocean waves, now lost in its own beauty, she lives away and differently. but her letters remain. the ones she wrote before leaving him in his own hands. now what shall happen the grace of love awaits to know. [ detailed description inside ] [ a short story...

  • The Moon
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    ── here's to thinking about the days went by, writing you, The Moon. [ a poetry collection | ongoing ] ⟶ angelus brooklyn

  • Be Brave, Be Kind | ✓
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    Featured on @WattpadShortStory, Tissues Advised 'Mom loves you. Be brave, be kind, and don't ever give up honey.' Jaycee's mother's last words are the only reason her heart beats till now. Broken and torn she lives with her blind father, begging her mom to come back from heaven and help her out of this mess. But she...

  • The Travelling Pages
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    ── here i am, wishing to travel along with these pages. for my friend, they have magic, the best of wizards fail to understand. [ a blog collection | ongoing ] ⟶ angelus brooklyn ✦ ━ achievements 🥇 best blurb | the evanescent awards 🥈 best blurb | the lucen...