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  • My husband Is My Teacher
    175K 6.2K 55

    Arrange marriage is very common nowadays. My parents are into it right now and after my class I went right away where the meeting will be held on. My first impression when my parents told me about it was that I thought it was okay for me. Dad told me he has already a fine job and I shouldn't be worrying because he's...

  • Show Me, Sensei
    5.2M 159K 38

    Love comes in all shapes and forms, but Kelly Young had no idea it'd come in the form of her most hated teacher, Mr. Todd. •A Student x Teacher Romance. #1- Teen Fiction (30/04/2021) #3- teenfiction (03/11/2021 #5- Romance (02/04/2021) #1- studentteacherromance (10/03/2020) #1- agegap (11/13/2020) #1- feelings (01/26...

  • ꜰᴏʀʙɪᴅᴅᴇɴ ᴘᴜʀᴘᴏꜱᴇ [EDITING]
    1.2M 32.6K 121

    "You're making it so hard to not bend you over and fuck you right here on this desk." He whispered. "Do it then." I shrugged. "Don't tempt me Ms. Evret." "Oh, I'm not doing anything... Mr. Hill." I whispered softly. "Fuck it." ~ Silas Hill, was an aspiring twelfth grade English teacher, known for only his looks a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Without The Words (Student/Teacher)
    1.7M 62.7K 40

    Poppy Rose had obliviously changed her life only five years ago, resulting in the death of her mother. Constant blame, depression and suicide attempts came selective mutism. Choosing not to speak ever since the witnessed death that was technically her fault, it became a habit of not vocally responding to anyone due t...

    566K 17.2K 41

    {completed} Layla Montgomery- A 19 year old college student who's just trying to get through her last year of college studying law. After her last professor got fired she has no idea what's coming for her when she finds out her new professor is a sexy, tall, older guy who also teaches law so of course she will admire...

    Completed   Mature
  • My teacher My stalker
    300K 6.4K 87

    23 year old Elijah Romano is the mafia king. But he has a passion for teaching. He goes by Eli Smith to keep his identity a secret. He sets his icy orbs onto a freshman, a girl. He becomes obsessed, possessive and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And that's her. 14 (turning 15) year old Julia is a freshman...

  • Bad Teacher
    1.6M 48K 51

    Bad Series: #1 Not edited [mature content] He's my teacher. My beautiful, intimidating, dangerous teacher. I shouldn't want him. He shouldn't want me. It's wrong. So, so wrong, but why does it feels so damn right? . Ranking: #1 - wattpadstories #5 - forbiddenromance #9 - mafiaromance

    Completed   Mature
  • The Professor
    1.9M 19.8K 12

    COMPLETED. This isn't your typical teacher/student at all. It's a proper romance with mature scenes. It's a love story between two people that shouldn't be together, shouldn't have fallen in love. But they do. HIGHEST RANKING: #1 Hot 6/1/2020 #1 Forbidden Love 18/01/19 #1 Teacher 12/05/19 #1 Slowburn 06/02/19 #1 Shy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unassailable: The professor.
    1.5M 56.5K 42

    This is a StudentxTeacher novel!! Un·as·sail·a·ble Adjetive: unable to be attacked, questioned, or defeated. If I could categorize our relationship in one word, it'd be un·as·sail·a·ble. Of course due to the irony of the meaning itself. We were something dangerously unmoral, could we be questioned? Yes. Attacked? Of c...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Professors
    141K 3.6K 21

    I walk down the hallway I look to find room 103. When I see the room I walk in to see the classroom is quiet so I speed walk to find a chair in the back of the room. As soon as I sit I pull out my notebook and write my name. The sound of shoes hitting the floor echoes throughout the room. My attention is then b...

  • The Professor's Girl | 18+ | COMPLETE |
    14.8M 381K 25

    |18+| In one night of drunken, post-breakup passion, Lizbeth manages to hookup with the dominant boy of her dreams. It was supposed to be a one night stand, one and done, never seen again. Until she does see him again, as her professor. Private tutoring sessions never sounded so good. |This is a BDSM-themed, erotic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dream Catch Me (Student/Teacher)
    1.8M 49.9K 53

    Plain Jane. Previously bullied Jane is starting at a new school, where she hopes to escape her bullied past by her mother, brother and peers. The extra pounds from her previously plump body now gone, Jane feels like a new person. Her first day of school doesn't go to plan, and her next one isn't much better. Hopefully...

  • I Won't Give Up (Teacher/Student)
    1.7M 41K 35

    **Currently Undergoing Major Editing** If stubbornness had a name, it would be Diem Reynolds. The high school senior's perspective on life and love is tainted by all of the failed relationships surrounding her. When Diem's father gets called on a work trip, Diem is...

    Completed   Mature
  • When I Kissed the Teacher
    641K 20K 84

    "So if Kylie Jenner jumped off a bridge would you?" Mr. Giordano asks raising his eye brow at me. "Sure," I say with a smile which he rolls his eyes to. "Look, I'm just saying nobody loves you if you are unattractive." I say honestly knowing that was what society has given than the idea to. Me. Giordano shakes his hea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Home Study - Rated R
    7.2M 143K 38

    Life is about to make a sudden turn for Cori. A twenty two year old woman with no experience is about to be claimed by not one but two very possessive men. Russell Brown and his stepson Jax run the local garage of a small sleepy town. Russ was widowed three years earlier while Jax liked to play the field. What happen...

  • Queen of Spades (House of Cards Series 1) [Student/Teacher Relationship]
    12.7M 232K 44

    {For those who HATE student/teacher stories, TRY THIS ONE ANYWAYS. I dare you to read it and say it was a waste of time} Alice 'Ace' Spade had fled her horrible foster family by the time she was sixteen and found a way to survive by dancing in a sleazy strip club. One night a man named Malcolm is brought in by his fri...

  • Behind Classroom Doors II (Student/Teacher)
    457K 15.6K 76

    If you have not read my first book (Behind Classroom Doors) please go do so before reading this one! This is the sequel but I hope you enjoy it! This story is being rewritten and updated weekly. If you've read the original and it doesn't match up, that's why. -------------------------- Behind Classroom Doors II- Exce...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Forbidden Finale (Student/Teacher Romance)
    1.3M 43.4K 34

    Thrown in at the deep-end when she gets a scholarship to an elite ballet Academy, Carly's only saving grace is her handsome personal tutor, Mr. Langley. Her ballet is below par, her classmates dislike her, and her only friend cares more about the environment than her. Even Mr. Langley dislikes her... at first. But...

  • His Model Student: A Student-Teacher Romance
    10.5M 311K 65

    ★★★TOP 5 WATTPAD ROMANCE NOVEL (reached #5)!★★★ When Sera's new art teacher mistakes her for a model and demands that she strip naked, sparks start to fly. Will Mr Marek be able to keep his student at arm's length after seeing everything she has to offer? His Model Student is the latest SIZZLINGLY HOT student-teac...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Jerk Of A Science Teacher
    624K 15.8K 38

    Scarlett walked into her science class late. Which didn't please her new teacher Mr Harris. As the year carries on Scarlett dreads every science lesson. But in the back of her mind she still remembers what she felt on the first day when he whispered in her ear. Can she ignore that feeling forever? Even when she's fail...

  • Deviance | 18+ | ✓
    7.7M 239K 45

    ❛Shhh... take it like a good student❜ Now entering her second year of college, Marianna Mor felt a sense of stagnancy engulf her life. The constant cycle of studies and academics, mediocre frat boys, and overbearing parental expectation has only heightened Marie's desire for her darkest secrets. Secrets she doesn't sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nothing is Forbidden, Right?
    756K 5 1

    **Now exclusively available on Goodnovel** "You two should go dance. You look lovely." She mocked sternness and then walked away. Lex breathed, and he knew it was laboured. Felt it only barely controlling his primal instincts. Isis' body pressing against his was torture, something he never felt, he swallowed hard, t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Up in the Stars
    8.7M 303K 78

    Enid is moving across the world to attend university. Away from all that she knows, she soon finds herself at the center of three men's unyielding attention. Three men who are her professors. Inexperienced and innocent, she is the exact opposite of these dark, possessive men. And she is everything they've always w...

  • Lesson Learned✔
    124K 5.6K 35

    Sequel to Teach Me, Unedited It started with a strange request and ended with a love confession. I thought it would be simple, that all I had to worry about was what to make for dinner but sixteen months into our relationship, I knew how wrong I was. I realized that this was far from the perfect picturesque home I h...

  • Behind Classroom Doors (student/teacher)
    3M 71.8K 75

    This book is Completed -------------- "What if I told you he can't make you feel as good as I can?" Before I know it he pulls me into him. When his lips touch mine my first instinct is to kiss him back. His lips are so soft as they expertly move on mine. Mr. Morgan's hand moves to the back of my neck for better access...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Teacher's Pet
    556K 17.5K 32

    Despite the schools strict teacher/student policy Alex Reynolds can't help being drawn to his student, Belle Whitley. She's brilliant and the complete opposite of her peers, what starts as a kind gesture begins to unravel when he begins to suspect she's being abused at home. He convinces himself that he's only tryin...

  • Night Forever(student/teacher)
    303K 7.5K 27

    Danika has just moved to NYC, she's living on her own and her family is still in Europe. She comes with a lot of baggage, and can't stop the secrets from spilling out to her Spanish teacher. Being able to speak Spanish, her best language, with him after moving to an unfamiliar city makes her trust him just that little...