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  • One Shots (taesungxcatboy)
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    Just writing one shots about taesung and catboy because I think there is not enough of them. The one shots contain boyxboy content so if you don't feel comfortable reading these, please don't. Also I would appreciate it if you wouldn't leave any hate comments. Also Also go follow taesung and catboy on all social med...

  • Movie scripts I thought of for tae
    127 1 3

    Some badly written scripts about Tae and catboy fictional movies

  • catboy & taesung (headcanons)
    2.4K 16 6

    some random headcanons of them :p mostly wholesome :)

  • heat waves (taesung x catboy)
    2.6K 46 9

    inspired by tbhyourelame on ao3 "sometimes i think about you" "heat waves been faking me out"

  • Taesung And His Catboy
    23.6K 539 24

    Some cute stories and angst about my favorite streamers Taesung (TaesungTao) and Xeno (xyzxeno), they're adorable and I can't get enough of them, so with their encouragement and approval, I'm writing some cute sfw short stories about them. (Gonna be slow updates) The cover art was found in Taesung's discord and all cr...