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  • Cruel World [Professor Kylo Ren AU]
    257K 5.5K 26

    You are the epitome of everything Kylo Ren hates: a wild, superficial, and very tempting party girl. And Kylo Ren is the epitome of everything that scares you: a cold, rich, and successful powerhouse of an author. When Professor Ren moves in next door and you become one of his students, the two of you can't ignore the...

  • Being Alive [Charlie Barber]
    303K 6.9K 28

    You're an aspiring director who just moved to New York City. You are inexperienced and eager and thrilled to get an internship with Charlie Barber's theater company and a job as his son's babysitter. You need these opportunities for your future career almost as much as you need Charlie himself. And he needs you. Of c...

    Completed   Mature