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  • The Lady Who Left
    3.1M 149K 39

    It is impossible to leave the Town, but one woman is determined to escape with the help of her betrothed. ***** Lady Cressida Belverst has always been judged as a walking scandal. Oh, how she tries (on some rare occasions) to be proper! When her parents arrange for her to marry a rich lord, Cressida has had enough. Sh...

  • Everything Rosy
    17.3K 2.1K 50

    everything feels right with you.

  • Pursuing Our Freedom| ✓
    920K 64.9K 50

    seniors series #3 A Senior Highschool series. complete [unedited] We are expected to be filial to the ones who brought us into this world. Pero hanggang saan ba ang hangganan ng pagiging mabuting anak? Philomena Gracia Valderama is the epitome of an obedient daughter, lahat ng utos sa kan'ya ng kan'yang mga magulang a...

  • Wrong Attachment Received (Cliché #1)
    312K 27.2K 92

    Overworked and in dire need of sleep, Mea Rivera accidentally sends a hate mail instead of a report to her boss--the grumpy Stan Azcona IV of Azcona Holdings, Inc. Cliche Series #1 WRONG ATTACHMENT RECEIVED ynativity, 2021

  • Velvet Dreams
    402K 15.2K 76

    An epistolary

  • Cost of Taste | ✓
    1M 70K 45

    seniors series #2 A Senior Highschool series. complete [unedited] Maraming nagsasabi na hindi naman daw patimpalak ang buhay, pero bakit ang daming hurado sa bawat galaw ng tao? Arrisea Cabrera knows this very well. Her beauty leads people to believe she is there to appease them - pero kabaliktaran naman ng kanyang ga...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hold You Accountable| ✓
    1.9M 132K 46

    seniors series #1 A Senior Highschool series. complete [unedited] Madali lang daw ang maging honor student. You just have to mix intelligence, perseverance and start being assiduous with almost everything - then you'll be rewarded with the medals you have always yearned for. Zafirah Sidney Sanchez has always been like...

  • Jokes On You |✓
    231K 18.9K 44

    short epistolary. totoo ang internet love. - cover made by: @saintarrisea

  • Drowning Memoirs of Finn
    16.2K 1.5K 20

    Fin; [noun] 1. a word from Italian and Spanish language which means "The End" or "Finish".

  • Sunny Day
    14.8K 1.5K 36

    in which victor writes his thoughts in his journal.

  • Starry Night
    14.4K 1.4K 32

    in which starla writes for her father.

  • When Life Meets Death
    12.8K 958 10

    in which a lively spirit met a tortured soul.

  • When the Sun Meets the Moon
    25.4K 2.4K 36

    in which the sun finally meets the moon but not in celestial dreams.

  • Clara: Connected
    55.7K 1.7K 97

    Maria Clara Merino from the Broadcasting Department of College of Arts and Letters and Russel Ruiz Serrano are now connected. Start a chat? [ Yes ] [ No ] --- First installment for Connect Series. Completed: 08. 04. 20

  • Cassie: Reconnected
    28.8K 939 92

    Cassielain Delgado from the Finance Department of College of Science and Mathematics and Felix Czan Allende are now connected. Start a chat? [ Yes ] [ No ] --- Second installment for Connect Series. Completed: 08. 05. 20

  • Chloe: Disconnected
    47K 710 145

    Chloe Lim Perez from the Biology Department of College of Science and Mathematics and Kyro Alvidrez are now connected. Start a chat? [ Yes ] [ No ] --- Last installment for Connect Series. Completed: 08.18.20

  • Wishes in the Firefly Field
    11.4K 1.5K 50

    i wish we never grow up.

  • Caffeine Crush
    94.2K 10.5K 101

    feeling like the pink skies because of you.

    Completed   Mature
  • Cast a Spell, Castiel
    13.7K 1K 15

    Love can cast a spell but it's not guaranteed.

  • Sleepyheads
    17.8K 1.6K 21

    in which two sleepyheads fell asleep and missed their stop.

  • Sad Girls Club
    16.4K 1K 20

    in which two sad girls met on the rooftop.

  • Lips on Lips
    25.4K 2K 20

    in which simon dreams of luna's kisses.