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  • In The Company Of Monsters
    426K 5.3K 19

    What if the person you trusted the most suddenly became a stranger, who desperately wanted you dead? And if an hour later, they were back to normal? Detective Jack Arnette was a respected cop, before a hostage situation went horribly wrong. Victor Slade is a meditating, hedonistic cop-killer. When Victor makes a pick...

  • Complicated Love
    3.4M 25.1K 80

    Right guy, wrong time. Right time, wrong guy. New guy, old lines. Old guy, new lies. (Published under LIFEBOOKS)

  • Red Leather (Book 2)
    2.9M 74.4K 39

    Renee Griffin is gorgeous, loveable, undeniably popular, and has an uncanny ability of getting everything she wants. She is a cunning seductress, a loving daughter, a prima donna, and a cold-blooded murderer. This is not a story for the faint hearted. This is the story of a 21st Century psychopath. "'You've killed,' h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Midnight Son (Completed)
    63.9K 322 6

    SINO SIYA? Para sa binatang si Tales. Ang salitang kalayaan ay hindi na nag e - exist pa sa mundong ito. Simula kasi ng ikinulong siya ng kanyang mga magulang sa isang kulungang kwarto dahil sa kanyang sakit ay hindi na niya ito naisabuhay pa. Puros kadiliman, Sikreto, at kalungkutan ang kanyang nadama sa mahigit na l...

  • Dilim (Completed)
    46K 890 15

    Isang misteryo ang biglaang pagkawala ni Savanna sa Maynila. Bigla na lamang itong hindi pumasok sa eskwelahan at di na nagpakita ng halos isang taon. Ngayon ay naiwan ang kanyang matalik na kaibigang si Tarah sa puder ng mga bago niyang kaibigan. Masaya, Tumatawa na, Kahit papano ay naalis iyon nang kanyang pagkawala...

  • Manipulate (Book 1, Alien Cadets)
    259K 6.1K 25

    The aliens currently governing Earth took Sam and other children to be raised on their homeworld. They tell him humans have the chance to be great. They tell him he'll be a representative of his species. A hero. But the protests that follow Sam's homecoming say otherwise. He and the other cadets are both pitied and de...

  • Insight
    1.3M 18.2K 19

    Cursed with the chains of an empath insight and vivid dreams, Willow Haywood has learned to live her life on the defense. Her world shatters when an ominous figure in her dreams leaves behind an omen that follows her into her waking hours. As Willow learns the beautifully dark secrets of her life she has no choice bu...

  • Miss Number 1 in My Heart (EDITED VERSION)
    4.1M 63.8K 63

    SELF-PUBLISHED BOOK Copyright © 2012 by GandangSora All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the writer except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

  • Innocent Criminal
    15.6K 408 25

    What will you do when you see a dead man in his own blood bath? A) Run? B) Check if the pulse is still working? C) Call for help? D) All of the above. Tyler chose option D. He ran to the body, checked the man's pulse, called for help and ended up being accused of a crime he didn't do. Sentenced on a trial, Tyle...