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  • Unexpected Love | Editing
    1.8K 189 22

    Kathryn Huntsman is a simple girl with a simple life, well it was simple until she got dragged into the life of the most desirable bachelor... Adam Woods. She has to act as his girlfriend and get paid for it. Sounds easy enough, right? Not really, since they both have conflicting views, which means they butt heads on...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Age of Forever | ✓
    508K 18.6K 23

    Adele Mason and Harold Bryon have escaped the wrath of aging and have stayed in their young years for reasons unknown to man. Although they have never officially met, the spark to their never ending life was the same night, the same hour, the same second. They both moved from state to state often, keeping themselves u...

  • Back To You
    3.9M 125K 39

    Workaholic wedding planner Sophia gets the surprise of her life when her new clients' best man turns out to be her ex-boyfriend. ***** When taking on new clients, Sophia Coleman expects the same old routine - wake up, go to work, go home, binge The Bachelor, go...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Art of You
    2.7M 91.3K 35

    What happens when the star baseball player hits a home run into the art studio window? ***** All Sadie Lane Garner needed to make herself happy was a canvas and paintbrush. With copious projects due and little studio time, she volunteers to clean the art building in exchange for after-hour use of the university art s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Night Shift
    15M 66K 6

    (SAMPLE) Now available everywhere in ebook & paperback (and on Kindle Unlimited in the US & Canada). Kendall works the night shift at the campus library. It's the perfect job: she gets to spend hours reading her romance novels without interruption... until the night that Vincent, king of campus and star of the basketb...

    Completed   Mature
  • In Fair Verona
    54.4K 5.7K 42

    After an offended Greek goddess sends Kenna back in time to Elizabethan England, she discovers she must stop the theft of Shakespeare's best known tragedy before returning to her century, all while resisting the charms of the theatre's Romeo. ***** Af...

  • The Professor
    1M 37.2K 42

    This book is FREE with paid BONUS chapters. 21-year-old Sloan Jackson has worked her entire life to score herself a place at England's top University-Oxford. Between studying and saving up money, Sloan has no idea what it means to have friends or any type of social life for that matter. Until she meets Nicole-her spi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Breakaway
    10.2M 304K 50

    Ryan wasn't expecting to end up with the captain of the hockey team as a roommate, and she certainly didn't expect the initial sexual tension between them to blossom into love. ***** In desperate need of a place to stay, Ryan Winters doesn't see an...

  • Sweet Spot
    6.3M 270K 40

    Sierra Lancaster has had an agonizingly mediocre life. She grew up in a happy home, made loyal friends, graduated college, and is now pursuing her dream of running her own bakery. Boring, right? A story like this wouldn't be one for the books. At least not until you bring a hot neighbour into the mix. A tall, brooding...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Possessive Billionaire
    80.9M 1.9M 36

    Sophia will do anything to escape an arranged marriage to the arrogant billionaire, Enrique Monteiro, but he has more control than she knows. ***** Enrique Monteiro, a powerful Brazilian billionaire, has gotten everything he wanted in life. He has l...

  • The Billionaire's Rebellious Bride
    10.6M 488K 53

    Elena will do anything to save her very ill mother from dying. She has no choice but to plead for help from her wealthy ruthless grandfather, who brutally disowned her mother for marrying a poor man. Her grandfather agreed to help. In one cruel condition - she has to marry the powerful Greek billionaire, Adonis Stavra...

  • Million Dollar Maid ✔
    7.8M 309K 56

    When Ava gets offered a job as a maid at the Chastain estate it almost seems to be too good to be true. The work is easy and fair, her coworkers seem nice enough, and the best part? The owner doesn't even seem to live there. That is, until he returns. 11/30/21 ranked #1 in 'millionaire'

    Completed   Mature
  • Call My Bluff | NaNoWriMo
    716 129 21

    The only way Evelyn will be able to show her face at her best friend and ex-boyfriend's wedding is to find a fake date as a plus one. Evelyn watched her childhood best friend, Ava, fall in love with her ex-boyfriend, James, after they broke up. So it should come as no surprise when she receives an invitation to their...

  • The Opposite Of Attraction ✔️
    1.8M 48.7K 44

    Is the phrase "Opposites attract" right? Maybe... But not for Sophia Mackenzie and Damon Blake. The phrase for them is more like "The opposite of attraction" Ever since the fourth grade Damon and Sophia have been sworn enemies. Now it's senior year and they're still throwing insult after insult at each other. Everyo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Like Father, Like Son ✔
    5M 187K 47

    Cat Logan is a single teen mother with a deadbeat ex-boyfriend and parents that haven't spoken to her since she got herself knocked up at the age of sixteen. She's been making it in the world all on her own and has been raising a child that she loves more than anything. She's used to men running for the hills the mome...

  • Tide Changer
    330K 21.7K 35

    Lyra's boyfriend of four years wants a break. What Lyra wants isn't of much importance, though. At least, not to her parents, who think her dreams are just a phase. Agreeing with people is much easier than trying to prove them wrong, and that's what Lyra has done for a while. Right until the impromptu solo trip to t...

    Completed   Mature
  • We Were Meant to Be
    9.9M 467K 109

    An age gap love story. A brokenhearted billionaire. A college girl. ***** "Nevaeh," Aiden whispers, "can I rest my head on your shoulder?" I nod, letting him rest his head on my shoulder. He closes his eyes. "Thank you." He sighs in contentment. "Heaven." "Heaven?" "It's your name spelled backward, isn't it?" ***** ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Torment | 18+ ✓
    9.3M 288K 45

    Running from hell isnʼt easy. Especially when thereʼs someone dragging you back down into it. Belligerent, brash and always in shades of black, Freya is hardly a lady. Hidden away by her father, sheʼs lived a normal life despite being born into the dark waters of New Yorkʼs underworld. Heʼs cold, cruel and calculati...

    Completed   Mature
  • Intolerable Civility
    373K 25.6K 33

    With her reputation in tatters and a baby to look after, Catherine Balley is given a single chance at redemption: marry the man she once betrayed, a man who has every reason to hate her. * * * * * Seduced, ruined, and abandoned, Cate spends her days looking after her illegitimate baby, Luke, and tr...

  • The Neighbour
    1.8M 45.8K 67

    When Ana confronts her new neighbour after being kept up all night by his sex noises, she's mortified to discover he's none other than Freddie-the police officer who arrested her abusive ex-boyfriend last month. The pair interact only when necessary and do so with light-hearted insults and harmless pranks. But when a...

  • Alpha Charming | Rheon
    158K 5.4K 34

    When Ash learns she is a royal werewolf's mate and the key to breaking his curse, paying her studio rent becomes the least of her problems. ***** When the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself, Ashlyn was quick to catch the first flight to Scotland to photograph the wedding of a prestigious family of Dukes and...