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  • Consilium (Lawyer Kylo Ren x Reader)
    15.7K 671 17

    Consilium (latin): counsel, advice, judgement, wisdom A few years after the "perfect marriage" to your "perfect husband" your life has become anything but your own, controlled and manipulated by the husband you thought you loved. Desperate to escape his toxic clutches, you hire Kylo Ren who is renowned, known to be o...

  • Cruel World [Professor Kylo Ren AU]
    264K 5.6K 26

    You are the epitome of everything Kylo Ren hates: a wild, superficial, and very tempting party girl. And Kylo Ren is the epitome of everything that scares you: a cold, rich, and successful powerhouse of an author. When Professor Ren moves in next door and you become one of his students, the two of you can't ignore the...

  • ...
    4.9K 127 5

    Completed   Mature
  • Killing Me Softly- Knight and Day AU
    10.6K 422 14

    It was so perfect that it almost hurt. It was blissfully painful to accept the feeling you tried so desperately to bury. To know that there was no use. No point to fight it. You wanted Kylo so badly, needed him... needed all of him. You held him at bay for as long as you could, but the truth was he had you right where...

  • Don't Leave
    6.4K 339 17

    Ben Solo is still training at the Luke's Jedi Academy when you first meet him. Something, some sort of connection, immediately brings the two of you together. A feeling that you have never experienced, and you want to believe that Ben hasn't either. You two grow together, more in love as each moment passes, leaving be...

  • collision | kylo ren
    3.7K 197 6

    modern au boss kylo ren x secretary reader. Ever since moving to new york finding a stable job has been almost impossible for you. After being fired from multiple jobs and constantly being rejected from each and every interview you are finally accepted into a new job as a secretary at the first order. The first order...

  • Adore Thy Neighbor | Kylo Ren X Reader
    7.1K 473 31

    The job 'Personal Shopper' was not one that you ever thought your Public Relations degree would put you in the running for. Regardless, every other avenue had failed you, and you decided to take the job anyway. Free rent and utilities was something you couldn't pass up, even though the pay, in turn, wasn't that good...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forever His | A Kylo Ren Assassin AU
    80.8K 2.1K 17

    He found you in the night. Tortured you, forced every secret from your mind until you gave him what he needed to turn your world upside down. You thought it was over - but it was only the beginning. He's back, and this time it isn't information he wants. He wants you. --------------- modern day assassin AU. 18+. kyl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beyond These Stars
    395 18 8

    Your world is turned upside down when The First Order levels your village on your peaceful planet in search of a Jedi artifact that has been hidden for 2,000 years. Kylo doesnt find the artifact but when he runs into you, he finds something much more important. 18+ This will be a slow burn, enemies to lovers trope. I...

  • The Summer of 1935
    508 31 4

    Your life changed that summer. Papa made you successor of the family business, and you met Ben and your world turned upside down. You didn't want this life, really. You just wanted to run and hide, but he changed your mind. The worst part was no one knew, no one could know... that you were deeply, utterly in love wit...

  • the understudy » Kylo Ren modern au
    16.6K 686 15

    Modern day Au featuring Theatre god/Director Kylo Ren x Reader. Youre the intern of Mr. Ren at his Threatre, Solo Productions Co. Kylo is an amazing director and writer, as well as indescribably gorgeous. You're an aspiring actress with a stage fright problem stemming from the loss of your mother. You need a chance...

  • Sweet Release//Modern Kylo AU
    24.7K 729 16

    Modern Kylo//College AU *You (Aspen Mira) didn't mean to tackle the most feared teacher at Takodanna University, but ever since you did he hasn't been able to keep his eyes off you, and he knows it. How long will it be until he can't keep his hands off you?* WARNING: This contains smut, age gap, and other mature theme...

  • Ultraviolent [Kylo Ren X Reader]
    51.9K 1.7K 32

    You and Vicrul are twins, struck with tragedy after tragedy, landing you in the guardianship of Charles Snoke, your uncle. After leaving his guardianship, you completed your studies as a doctor, when you are called to come say goodbye to your dying uncle. Before saying your goodbyes, you come face to face with Kylo R...

  • The Bond that Binds | Kylo x reader (on hiatus)
    9K 264 13

    Ever since he saw the conflict within Ben Solo at a young age, Luke Skywalker has secretly been training a young Jedi (you), keeping you hidden from the rest of the universe, the first order, the resistance, everything, especially Snoke. All you have ever known was living on the island of Ahch-To with Luke, you have n...

  • Ultraviolence [Kylo Ren] - ON HIATUS
    17.6K 537 4

    THIS STORY IS CURRENTLY ON HIATUS All you've ever known is violence. You were born into the dark side and raised to follow in your parent's footsteps to serve Snoke as an Inquisitor. When Kylo Ren is chosen as an apprentice, the unexplained connection you have to him will force you to question every aspect of who you...

  • Perfect Chemistry (teacher Kylo Ren AU)
    8.1K 327 21

    This year was going to be your year. This year you were a senior. You were ready to put the awful events of the summer behind you. A clean slate was exactly what you needed. A fresh start. Until... Life throws you a curveball, in the form of your new chemistry teacher, Mr Ren. Mysterious and alluring, you are instantl...

  • The Fallen (Kylo Ren x Reader)
    1.8K 74 16

    You go by Rose now to keep your identity under wraps. You have been running for as long as you remember. You decided to train with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker after your father left your mother and you. Your mother always wanted the best for you, so you left so one day you could protect her from any danger. Once your p...

  • Nanny To The Supreme Leader Kylo/Reader
    19.8K 849 17

    After taking Kylo Ren's hand, joining the dark side and becoming his Empress, Rey quickly became pregnant but passed away during childbirth. Over the past few years, finding and keeping a nanny had been almost impossible. The Supreme Leader had a temper and nobody lived up to his expectations, that is until he hired y...

    Completed   Mature
  • Guided by Leather
    37.8K 813 10

    "Tell me nurse, who takes care of you?" You are one of the best nurses working for the First Order aboard the Finalizer. You have spent the past three years caring for the wounded and sick. Because you pour yourself into your work, you never take the time to put your needs in front of others. Well, not until the Comma...

  • Little Plaything (Kylo Ren x Reader)
    84.4K 1.7K 16

    You are hired by the First Order to help the Supreme Leader (Kylo Ren) 'relax', making you the object he takes his anger out on. This isn't a new job for you, but he proves to be an entirely different kind of client. You were used to dangerous men, how bad could it be? **cover by @bajavoz!!!**