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  • Anime Thoughts
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    It's like anime reviews but I just really express what I think about some random anime. This book is full of my own opinion so it's up to you to agree or not. If you disagree, you can comment and express your opinion, I will respect that, and maybe we can discuss the difference of our preference. (And hey! Maybe you c...

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    Romanized Lyrics with Individual Part 2015-2017 Albums • DEBUT FULL ALBUM 'WELCOME BACK' • WELCOME BACK • WYD + The MOBB • NEW KIDS: BEGIN - EP

  • WARNING! Fairy Tales
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    WARNING! Please be advised that this is not a bedtime story about sparkly fairies and pink unicorns. This book may contain graphic descriptions of poisoned apples and witches' ovens. It is not appropriate for supernatural beings under the age of 377 (excluding vampires and werewolves). DISCLAIMER: Wicked Witches Inc...

  • Scary Urban Legends
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    Most of these stories are NOT mine. I got them from the internet. Some are mine and when it is, it's mentioned in that part. This book contains readers stories and different types of series, one of them being the riddle series which a lot of readers love! Don't be afraid to comment, I like seeing people's comments! H...

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    ⚠REVISING⚠ Original songs , mixtapes and cover songs of SEVENTEEN feel free to suggest any SEVENTEEN songs (highly appreciated!) 15.08.24~ing 07/21/17: #1 in #세븐틴 tag 2/05/18: #1 in #carat tag Albums included: (KOREAN) 1. 17carat 2. Boys Be 3. Love & Letter 4. Love & Letter Repackage 5. Going Seventeen 6. Al1 7. Teen...

  • My Chemical Romance Lyrics
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    COMPLETED WITH ALL MCR LYRICS!! MY cHEmical ROmance (Read only the uppercase letters!) I will do any MCR song (and if you guys want maybe some songs off if Gerard Way's album Hesitant Alien or possibly some off of Frank Iero's album Stomachaches) I take requests for song lyrics! **If any of the lyrics are wrong please...

  • Marco Bodt Jokes (Attack On Titan)
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    This is a compilation of Marco Bodt jokes. R.I.P. Marco! i might get some of these from the Internet, so the credit goes to the owners of those jokes. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ATTACK ON TITAN.

  • Attack on Crack
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    Levi found Choco's secret stash of crack while cleaning. He decided to share it with the rest of his comrades and now they're all high. Enjoy what craziness happens afterwards.

  • Choco's Doodles!
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    Hey! Here's a book of some doodles and drawings I make! I don't trust Deviant Art so... Just kidding! I'm just too lazy to use it. You can also request a drawing if you want!

  • Owari no Seraph: Behind the Scenes
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    Owari no Seraph/ Seraph of the End Behind the scenes of the anime and manga of Owari no Seraph. This is just a parody for the fun of it. Don't take anything seriously!!! Credits to everyone who needs them.

  • 101 Harry Potter Facts [COMPLETED]
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    "Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. We will always remember you." "After all this time?" "Always." // Amazing Harry Potter Facts! // I don't own any of these characters. I'm just a fangirl that became overly obsessed with harry potter

  • Battle Royale: Yet to End
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    The game that Shuya Nanahara, Noriko Nakagawa and everyone from Shiroiwa Junior High School never expected to play, The game that bent the character of every person playing it, The game that claimed the lives of hundreds of students, The game that started it all... ...Hasn't come to a close. There is only one way for...

  • The Death Note
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    [not a Death Note fanfic the name just happened sorry] [i wrote this a while ago now i'm sorry for my terrible portrayal of depression i apologise] Liliana Wellford is going to commit suicide. She feels that no one cares for her, not even her family, so sends her death note to a random person in a different country...

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    A book that is full of BTS LYRICS. You can request a song if you want. It's a slow update, so please wait for it. Hope you support this Lyric book! All credits to BIGHIT ENT. -GIRL_IN_LUVBTS

  • LGBT etc.
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    A personal short story about dealing with my sexuality and how my closest family and friends (don't) support the lgbt community.