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  • Heat Waves
    496K 17.7K 12

    - the OFFICIAL upload of "Heat Waves" from AO3: posting my work here to tackle the issue of re-uploaders going against my permission to have the story on this platform. Please take down and report any other uploads, this is the only version from the REAL author (link to my twitter page for confirmation below) - cover...

    Completed   Mature
  • Quackity x Obama
    15.4K 335 5

    Read the title

  • QUACKBAMA 😻 (Quackity X Obama)
    979 20 5

    Are you gonna read this? Cause if you are, dont :)

  • I just want to be perfect.. (Depressed TommyInnit AU)
    91.3K 2.6K 23

    This is not based off the real TommyInnit!! Trigger warnings: Blood, self harm, anorexia, anxiety/ panic attacks, swearing, suicide attempts. If you are an MCYT please click off if I have involved you in the story. Other than that, enjoy. (FINISHED STORY, SEQUEL IS OUT NOW!!)

  • Maybe A Lucky Number
    250K 10K 68

    Techno wasn't social, so when he got a text from an unknown number, he didn't know what to do. That was, until Wilbur took maters into his own hands.

  • Orphan- Dreamnoblade
    16.9K 716 14

    Dream and Technoblade are best friends in an orphanage until they are separated. Will they end up back together in the end? Medieval and Mild Fantasy AU TRIGGER WARNINGS: Angsty time (Eventual Smut will be put in MCYT oneshot book) (Will put trigger warnings before chapters) This includes Skephalo, Wilbur x Niki, etc...

  • Safe By You • Dreamnoblade
    44.8K 1.4K 17

    Omega x Omega 16+ Techno Blade was sent to a Omega Rehabilitation Camp, his parents and teachers found him to "rough" during play time, causing fist fights with betas, winning them or how he always get F's in his Motherly Omega classes though in normal studies he got all A's. He couldn't handle the camp anymore, he r...

  • Technodream oneshots
    43.6K 1.7K 13

    These are smut free :) These are just a bunch of random fluff and angst oneshots, whatever comes to my mind. If you want smut! I have a bottom Dream's oneshot book, where i post Technodream/Dreamnoblade oneshots!

  • Kingdom Come
    54.3K 2.4K 22

    Okay, okay... I know, "YOU CANT JUST START NEW STORIES WHEN YOU HAVE LIKE 4 W.I.PS!!!" But hear me out. Royals AU and it's gay. @0oBrabbleo0 helped me with this idea! Just read the prologue.

  • Not so Bitter rivals
    129K 6.4K 31

    Rivalry. Competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field. Honestly, something that's deemed as rather unhealthy in real life. Sure, teams can have rivals, so can schools, but having a rivalry against a coworker, or someone at school? It's guaranteed that at least one party will do something t...

  • The rain. A dreamnoblade book.
    76.6K 5.1K 41

    High school au mixed with stripped and abusive dad. This has dreamnoblade. The prologue has the warnings.

  • Competitive Rival || Dreamnoblade
    100K 4.5K 28

    What happens when you put an ongoing feud between an egotistical bastard and a narcissist of his own in one room? Or Where two well-known rivals went from 'fuck you' to 'I'm sorry I love you'. || •-----• || •-----• || •-----• || Dream x Technoblade FAN FICTION. FAN. FICTION. This was made by a FAN for other FANS. Co...

  • Taken/a dreamnoblade fanfic
    15.7K 332 19

    This is HEAVILY inspired from Used by Sama_ships

  • Dreamnoblade oneshots
    139K 3.1K 28

    This is a series of one-shots. I take request. I will do almost anything, there might be some smut in here. I will do other ships as well, but I won't do any shipping with minors. There is probably going to be swearing in all of these. That's all!

  • Shifting Into Another World || DREAMNOBLADE
    2.3K 148 13

    The rivalry between Dré and Techno would just increase every tournament, making both of them extremely competitive and ready to defeat the other, but when both of them were put in a beautiful world full of animals and unique mobs with other youtubers, working together in order to survive was the best choice they had. ...

    4.5K 244 15

    *Dreamnoblade* Guys, the chapter names have nothing to do with the chapters!! They're just lyrics of the songs that were playing while I was editing the book! I took this idea from @thefroggysimp Don't worry I have her permission lol :]

  • Slavery
    19K 294 20

    Wilbur soot adopts you!

  • Amongst the Chaos | Dreamnoblade Oneshots, Short Stories, and Drabbles
    32.3K 1K 35

    Exactly what the title says, I take requests too. Warnings in the first chapter.

  • Monster Hunt // Dreamnoblade (Dream x Technoblade)
    128K 4.9K 26

    [COMPLETED] Dream and Technoblade, the strongest hunters in the village, also the strongest rivals, set foot on different paths with their friends to hunt for a dangerous monster. As the storyline unfolds, will Dream and Techno become friends, or maybe something more...? Cover art credits to @/etceteraArt on Twitter! ...

  • Deception
    14K 764 13

    Dream, an experienced bandit, wascaught by the well-known king Technoblade and imprisoned. As the story unfolds and they get to know eachother, they slowly discover their inner feelings towards the opposites. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out my other Dreamnoblade fanfic "Monster Hunt" under my account...

  • Masks. [Dreamnoblade AU]
    45.1K 1.7K 17

    Just read it. Its fuckin Dreamnoblade, thats all you need in life. ! If chapter 5 comes before 4, make sure you read chapter 5 first !

  • flawless | dreamnoblade
    48.1K 2.2K 39

    Dream started losing his love in skating. He was extremely good, but he still had lack of perfection. Something stopped him from quitting, or maybe a someone... Total Word Count: 44,719

  • Im In Love With You (Dreamnoblade)
    80.4K 2.4K 20

    ⚠️WARNING⚠️ -i don't ship the real person -bad grammar -cringe -i make this book for fun and like i said, i didn't ship them -found the drawing/picture in google and pinterest That's all i want to say and thank you for reading and vote the book, i appreciate

  • The king and the blob{COMPLETED} (Including some oneshots).
    18.7K 862 34

    Lord save me I haven't slept for 3 days-

  • On The Other Side? ~A Dreamnoblade FanFic
    12.6K 453 28

    "The walls were thin but we never could say anything personal" Welcome to a fanfic where Technoblade and Dream are raised in separate rooms but the walls were thin so they could communicate. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY BOOK BUT GO AHEAD AND USE THE TROPE/IDEA TWS FOR THIS BOOK KIDNAPPING GORE ABUSE OTHER SHIPS SapNotFound...

  • 𝐼 𝐹𝒾𝓃𝒶𝓁𝓁𝓎 𝐵𝑒𝒶𝓉 𝒴o𝓊❣(DREAMNOBLADE)
    17.4K 724 18

    DISCLAIMER: I only ship Dream and Technoblade as their online persona and not Clay and Dave! I do not ship real-life people. If Techno and Dream or any of the ships I'm writing are uncomfortable, I'll gladly delete it. Mainly inspired by x_relex (𝑨𝒄𝒄𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒂𝒍 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒓)

  • I Didn't Choose You! [Dreamnoblade]
    92.2K 3.5K 28

    Hi there! This is honestly just for writing practice. I'm just trying to learn, and get comfortable with writing these characters. ⚠️DO NOT SHIP REAL PEOPLE⚠️ I'm not shipping these people in their actual lives, I'm shipping their online personas. Anyways, onto the story! Hope you enjoy. (I also got some inspiration f...

  • Location 2 Project: OPPC // DreamTeam AU
    9.3K 606 20

    READ THIS, IMPORTANT ====================== Location 2 is the first containment location situated in the UK. These Locations are used for Project OPPC- Over Powered Person Containment, to assist the code red classified problem in the UK and the US regarding children being born with unnatural abilities with combat, ge...

  • Why Am I Even Trying? - Dreamnoblade
    115K 4K 16

    Au where when you write something on your body, it will appear on your soul mate's body as well. I stole this au from tiktok, because I'm uncreative I made this book because I'm tired of the mid evil au being in almost every dreamnoblade fanfic #1 Dreamnoblade [12/20/20] #3 Techno [1/1/21] #37 Skeppy [12/31/20] #85 So...

    27.7K 1.8K 32