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  • Stockholm Syndrome [l.s]
    23.2K 617 26

    "alex, it's not that i don't want him to caress my hair, oh, how badly i want to. but, his affection hurts me, it leaves scars on my skin."

  • One Direction: 2010-2015 Pictures
    26.9K 425 38

    Released on October 16th, 2016 This is one Direction from 2010-2015 this is no story just photos of the band, hope you all enjoy.

  • The Kidnapping (Larry Stylinson)
    75.2K 1.4K 30

    When Harry Styles, singer and former member of the worlds biggest boy band, One Direction, is kidnapped, it causes them all to take action. The nearly deadly event sparks a new era for the band and swearing to live his life as if every day is his last, Harry is ready to risk it all for his former love, and band mate...

  • Turquoise (L.S)
    86.2K 2.6K 34

    "Long eyelashes framed the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen. They were that hue of green that only shows when the sun hits the sea in England at just the right spot, where the sun-rays leave golden specks dancing in the water. Interwoven shades of green, blue and gold hiding the chaotic nature behind them. Never bef...

    Completed   Mature
  • the eclipse [sequel] ☾ l.s.
    34.7K 1.7K 30

    the sequel to 𝘮𝘦, 𝘩𝘪𝘮, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘮𝘰𝘰𝘯, in which life in the woods brings more dangers than the boys could have ever imagined. a surprising new rival might force them to stop running and face their pasts. (or: harry learns to embrace his magic, and louis can't protect him every step of the way.) [January...

    Completed   Mature
  • Soul Surfer - Larry Stylinson AU (boyxboy) COMPLETED
    403K 13.5K 82

    Louis loves surfing , he really does , until he doesn't anymore . When he was eighteen he was attacked by a shark , which caused him to lose his leg . Ever since he's been afraid of water ; he doesn't surf anymore , or goes anywhere near a sea , no pools for him , hell , even baths freak him out a little . He just can...

  • You make my heart race L. S. Mpreg ✅
    255K 10.7K 121

    Pop-star Harry Styles is getting interviewed by Nick Grimshaw, what he didn't expect was Grimshaws assistant entering while he's connected to a heart monitor. The heart wants what it wants and in this case Harry's heart wants Nick's assistant If you want to know what Louis' heart wants then you will find the answer...

    Completed   Mature
  • Glass Elation | L.S
    102K 4.3K 30

    [COMPLETED] Jewelry laundering is what excites Louis, but $17,000 interests him just a little bit more when it comes from the rich man that watches him dance on Saturday nights.

    Completed   Mature
  • Seven Seas - Complete | LARRY
    326K 15.9K 30

    In which innocent prince Louis is captured by a less than innocent pirate named Harry.

  • Heartbreaks Heal (Larry Mpreg)
    133K 3.6K 27

    Louis has been a paramedic for five years now ... seen and experienced things you'd never believe. Yet not once has he ever been thrown into a situation he couldn't handle... Until now , here he was face to face with his ex boyfriend who was about to give birth to a baby. Or Harry left Louis five years ago , they com...

  • Foster Family
    72.3K 2.4K 23

    Louis had been in foster care since he was a kid. Each home had turned out the same, either miserable or abusive, and eventually he would be sent to a new home. But will this new foster family be the one? And what happens when he finds out this new family comes with a set of gorgeous triplets as his new older brothers...

  • Cry Cut Hide Repeat [Larry Stylinson]
    639K 26.8K 28

    Book 1 in the CCHR Series WARNING: Self Harm--May Be Triggering Harry Styles is messed up. There's no other way to put it. He's hopelessly in love with someone he can't have. Someone who is taken. His best friend. He spends most of his waking hours thinking of him. Scratch that.. ALL his waking hours thinking of h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lottie's Brother (larry au)
    809K 33.7K 30

    "Harry... were you checking my brother out?" The one where Harry Styles falls for his best friends older brother; Louis Tomlinson and when she finds out she's surprisingly not mad, but instead wants to help him get closer to Louis to get Louis to fall for him as well. translations soon to be available in: - italian ...

  • safe haven │ larry stylinson
    180K 5.2K 102

    You can't make me happy. Those were the exact same words Louis had said over five years ago. Harry could literally see his heart dropping and breaking on the ground. He swallowed and held Louis tighter. "Please, Lou" It was nothing more than a sob at this point. "I'm begging you. Please don't do this. Please" His fee...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Fairytale - Larry AU boyxboy
    430K 19.1K 35

    Prince Louis William of York is tired. He's tired of formalities. He's tired of attending events, showing a nice smile and pretending he knows people he actually has never heard of. Well, he probably has, but he couldn't care less about them. He is tired of people knowing who he is, and would like to have some privac...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Heart Is Breathing for This Moment in Time // Larry Stylinson
    11.4K 271 15

    When Louis first saw Harry at the 2010 X Factor Auditions, he thought he was watching a peculiarly special stranger. But Harry has known Louis ever since he was five years old. Because Louis has a rare genetic disorder that causes him to Time Travel to important moments in his past and in his future - and to Harry, al...

  • The Best Friend (Larry A.U)
    16K 463 36

    Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are best freinds. It's been this way since the fifth grade. Wow, 6 years of friendship, a lot can change in 6 years. Like you start to notice more things. Things you've never noticed before. Like that you might like your best friend friend a little too much. Louis figured this out 2 ye...

  • Monophobia (Larry Stylinson)
    200K 6.4K 12

    Monophobia. the fear of being alone. Harry was cursed with this and was truly terrified of being left and being alone. But he also had the problem of being in love with his best friend. Yet the fear of Louis leaving him because of his feelings kept him quiet. Then he found Andy. And everything was perfect. At first. B...

  • Rome and Juliet | Larry [rewriting]
    3.4K 155 11

    "Take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine.”

  • joli | larry
    74.7K 3.1K 18

    [ completed with alternate ending ✔️ ] joli [french] /'julë/ 1. pretty; cute 2. handsome; nice; pretty ♡ ❝ Best fends fo-ever, 'ight 'Azzie? ❞ ❝ Of course, Lou. ❞ His father always knew that he was different. It started when he didn't want to get rid of his childhood crib. Then, he couldn't stop sucking h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rusty Old Minivan
    17.4K 659 40

    Taking an evening class was never meant for meeting people, let alone someone with a face like Harry Styles'. But as with most things in Louis' life, things rarely turned out as he meant for them to. Louis meets Harry at an evening class and they begin a strange sort of friendship in a strange sort of way. But Louis...

  • Metanoia || L.S
    157K 5.2K 26

    "P-please don't kill me" Louis sobs looking down in fear. Harry puts two of his fingers under Louis chin making him look up "And why shouldn't I little one?" "Because I- I" Louis says struggling to get the words out. "Go on" Harry says in a harsh tone getting impatient. "I don't deserve this... please" ___________...

    Completed   Mature
  • Through Eerie Chaos (larry stylinson)
    5.4K 116 6

    Completed   Mature
  • Dare To Love
    42.2K 1.9K 35

    [Complete] Louis is a drama major starting his sophomore year in college. A bunch of stupid dares from his friends aren't supposed to turn his entire world upside down. Then again, maybe it's not the dares. Maybe it's just Harry, Niall's new Freshman roommate. Or a college AU where they give each other dares for x-amo...

    Completed   Mature
  • What the Heart Wants (Larry AU)
    456K 12K 25

    Harry and Eleanor had always been the best of friends, ever since they were little kids. But when Harry meets her boyfriend, Louis, for the first time, unwanted feelings start to arise, and everything begins to go downhill. One thing leads to another, people are hurt, lies are told, and Harry's big secret might ruin e...

  • And You're My Ever After (Larry Stylinson Au)
    2.1M 60.5K 53

    READ! Because some of you still don't get this book contains male pregnancy. BEFORE YOU START READING. THIS IS MPREG! THAT IS YOUR WARNING SO YOU ARE NOT COMMENTING ABOUT IT LATER OR TELLING ME THINGS DON'T WORK LIKE THAT. I KNOW, BUT IT'S FICTION. "You're so cute when you laugh!" Louis threw his hands up into the air...

    Completed   Mature
  • I See You (Larry Stylinson Au)
    781K 26.2K 26

    Going into a new school Harry is determined to hide the fact that he was born blind as long as he can in fear of being judged. When he meets Louis, the schools football star, he's skeptical to tell him his secret, regardless of Harry's growing feelings for him Credits to 123AJE on quotev

  • ready to run [l.s]
    64.2K 1.7K 40

    they've had enough, they're ready to run //triggers warnings will be placed on certain chapters with certain content! read them at your own risk, if you feel like you cant please dont feel forced to read!

  • a guide to modern philosophy ⁽ᴸˢ⁾
    59.9K 4.6K 32

    I saw the angel in the marble And carved until I set him Free. - Michelangelo or the one where Harry as an artist lives in a city of art; Rome, and Louis decides to spend the holidays just one street down from his studio.

    Completed   Mature