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    ADIEU /əˈdjuː/ (noun) a goodbye. In which Enjolras realizes that he is not exempt from love after all.

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    UNDER HEAVY EDITING to love or have loved, that is enough. ❪ enjolras 𝒙 fem!oc ❫ les mis movie adaptation © rika / howlsgirl 2019

  • É P H É M È R E (Enjolras x OC)
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    A young leader of an imminent uprising and a cynical daughter of a highly respected French general sub-standardly live their lives in France, 1832. Their paths lead them to an unfortunate night; the night they first met. Amidst grief, anger, and reckoning, can they find common ground for the freedom of their people? W...

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    Sonnet Javert was as poetic as her name suggested, and her violet eyes watched the world with the most curious and innocent gaze. But inside her delicate mind bore the soul of a free-spirited revolutionary. [ painting - cometesse d'haussonville (1845) by jean-auguste-dominque ingres ]

  • Just a Street Rat (Enjolras Love Story)
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    Natalia is a poor immigrant from Florence, Italy. She travelled to Paris at age 12 hoping to escape the streets of Florence and make a better life for herself. Little did she know, that she will find herself dressed as a man, looting, stealing and robbing just to make ends meet. What happens when she finds her self st...

  • Eternity (Les Misérables/Enjolras)
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    He gently pressed his forehead against my own. I felt his curls tickle against my skin, sending shivers down my spine. "I'll be with you for eternity." he said before placing his lips on the top of my head. I let out a sob and wrapped my arms around his neck, keeping him close. I heard a soldier's heavy footsteps comi...

  • To Love Someone Is To See The Face Of God
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    Ella found herself all alone after her father's death. She did what she had to do to get by, but the only things that kept her going were the Les Amis. Then one day she meets Enjolras, and it all changed.

  • Swear By The Stars
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    Avid poet and lover of literature, Jean Prouvaire, or Jehan, has always been a hopeless romantic, but after falling short of the what he believed to be love, has come to accept fell in love with the mere idea of romance and affection. Sylvia has accepted love as a mere childhood dream and her fate of remaining an impo...

  • Apollo and Patria (Les Mis Fanfic Modern AU)
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    1832. French Revolution. He stood at the top of the barricades, raising his red flag over his head. A few moments passed and the general of the national guardsmen arrived and asked, "Who's there?" Being the girl that I was, I just stayed quiet and looked at him. I looked at the man whose eyes could make you feel like...

  • One day more
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    We all know the Les Misérables story but what if the barricade boys did survive? This fanfic is an Enjolras/Grantaire love story showing what would have happened if Enjolras, Grantaire, Marius, Eponine and Gavroche, Javert and Valjean had survived the barricade :)

  • I'm still alive
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    Enjolras barely survived the revolution. The only thing that saved him and his 3 friends are metal plates. It has typos don't judge

  • Just Another Barricade
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    Could you imagine falling in love with a drunk, having your brother killed in the barricade, or living daily life during the most revolutionary period in history? For Carolina, all of these were issues. France was anything but peaceful, and as a fifteen-year-old girl, she wanted nothing but to live a happy life. But i...

  • Another Story Must Begin: A Jean "Jehan" Prouvaire Story
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    Jean Prouvaire had always been a slightly awkward, timid boy. He wrote poetry, loved flowers, and had a soft way about him. This wasn't a problem until it came to women. Due to his shyness, he lost the one woman he loved and grew to dislike girls. But when his friends at the Café Musain start to give him trouble about...

  • One Day More
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    Sophie Addams is a 14 year old girl who's best friends are the students of the ABC. She has known them her whole life and they are so close. But one big move and the rise of the barricades will change their lives.

  • Never Say Die: The Life of Élodie Thénardier (Les Misérables Fan Fiction)
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    Élodie knew from a young age the life she had wasn't going to make her happy. She decided to take matters into her own hands and run away from home at the young age of ten. In Paris she meets a particular group of boys who, nine years later, are her best friends and fellow revolutionaries. Since Élodie arrived in Pari...

  • A Heart Full of Love (Grantaire/oc)
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  • Beyond The Barricade (A Les Miserables FanFic)
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    Marius Pontmercy has finally escaped the death that walked among the body-strewn, blood-flooded streets of the July Revolution. Or has he? As if in a dream, he is visited by the ghosts of those lost to the bloody battles on the Paris streets - ghosts that have come to tell him something important. COVER DESIGNED BY se...

  • Getting Drunk So I Understand
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    Set in 17th century France. Les Miserables fan fiction about Enjolras and Grantaire. Grantaire drinks to stop himself from ruining everything for Enjolras and spoiling it for rest of the Amis. He is stuck in this never ending cycle of drinking daily to hide any negative opinions he has on the ongoing plans of the Revo...

  • The Sun Will Rise
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    Meet Éponine Pontmercy, daughter of Marius and Cosette. On the anniversary of the barricade, they visit the gravesite of the ones who died. Éponine goes to sleep, and when she wakes up, everyone seems to think her name is Éponine Thénardier. As Éponine continues on, she slowly starts to forget her true identity. But w...

  • Bring Me Home: A Les Miserables Fanfiction
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    Adelia longs to fight for Paris at the barricade, but Enjolras, her brother, wont allow it. Adelia is also torn between her loyalty to her brothers cause, and her love for a man that she has been very secretive about. She must learn her place theough love, joy, sadness, and pain.

  • And So It Must Be
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    "Her eyes shined brightly as she glanced upon her new city and new love. Oh yes, Josephine knew she was never going to be the same again." Les Misérables, a beloved story that never ceases to pull at the heart strings. But what happens when a new girl enters the mix at the Musian? Can she change the the fate of the ba...

  • Les Couleurs du Monde (An Enjolras Les Misérables Fanfiction)
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    Elise Rosier thought she would be nothing more than an opera worker's adopted daughter. She wasn't a beggar, yet she wasn't a noble. An ordinary middle class girl. She thought she'd be useless and unappreciated.She never would have thought that she was going to be a revolutionary. And she never thought she'd fall in l...

  • I would die for you (an Eponine/Enjolras fanfiction)-on hold
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    In Les Miserables, Eponine Thenardier died because she loved Marius and took a bullet for him. But what if she loved someone else? Would that save her life and change the story? (I didn't write Les Miserables. That was Victor Hugo. This is just a fanfiction about it. Also I will be changing the story of Les miserables...

  • In My Life (Enjolras Prequel/lovestory)
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    Where did Enjolras's real love for France come from? What drove him to be so fearless to risk his life and others for France? Was it pure passion? Or was it because of the woman he once loved? Francine, homeless, hungry, barely feeding her only family. Has her own way of thinking, what happens when a young student sha...