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  • Quick Transmigration: Beat The Female Lead System
    2M 67.1K 71

    Eleanor a 30 year old (pervert) business woman who hasn't had a boyfriend in more than 8 years suddenly dies after being in a car accident on her way to a blind date. But, upon her death, she is given the choice to transmigrate into different online novels to beat the female lead.

  • The Villain Big Boss Just Wants to Spoil Me
    101K 3.4K 24

    Yan Xiao, who transmigrated into a baby, only knew that she was the cannon fodder in a book when she was three years old. The system told her that as long as she worked hard to brush up the villain big brother's unfavorability, she could return to her original world once the value reached its peak. Naturally, Yan Xiao...

  • The Lady That Has A Princess Deases Is Spoiled Daily (MTL) ✓
    150K 2.9K 56

    NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE: 公主病娇宠日常 AUTHOR: 十六月西瓜 The female partner in "Extremely Addicted" can be called the worst female partner in history. If she doesn't do anything, she will be hated by the heroine and wait for an opportunity to retaliate. After she became the female partner of the same name in the book, she onl...

  • After The Villain's Mother Fan Wears The Book (MTL) ✓
    293K 8.4K 45

    NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE: 反派亲妈粉穿书后 AUTHOR: 西瓜尼姑 Fu Qingqing is a mother fan of the beautiful and tragic villain Gu Yuandi in the ancient dog-blood novel "The Runaway Wife". The role she hates most is the female partner of the same name as her-Gu Yuandi's fiancée. In the book, the female partner is glamorous and has...

  • Wearing A Book With A Wealthy Spoiled Girl (MTL) ✓
    536K 11.3K 102

    NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE: 穿书女配豪门娇宠 AUTHOR: 十六月西瓜 In the book "The Devil's Lover", the man with "power across Southeast Asia" is as charming as a black rose, as seductive as a poppy, and full of extreme danger as a devil. Yu Sheng, who is dressed as the cannon fodder female partner in the book, with her red lips slight...

  • I am pregnant with the villain's child
    575K 14.8K 102

    The older sister flees from her wedding to be with her lover, and her younger sister is forced to take her place in marrying a very powerful man. As would have it, she ends up transmigrating into the body of that younger sister. Although the man that she weds is very powerful, he's the irredeemable final villain. All...

  • Dressed as The Villain's Little Pregnant Wife (MTL) [COMPLETED]
    179K 4.5K 65

    *WARNING!! a machine translation novel. So don't come at me about a bad grammar* Original Title : 穿成反派的小孕妻[穿书] Author : 名堂多小姐 (Miss Mingtang) Status : Completed (65 chapters) Copywriter : Ruan Chuchu, who had been pampered for 18 years, had not yet had time to fall in love, so she became the wife of the villain who h...

  • This Marriage, I've Given It Away (MTL) [COMPLETED]
    717K 11.4K 150

    *WARNING!! a machine translation novel. So don't come at me about a bad grammar* Original Title : 这婚我离定了 Author : 维客 (Wiki) Status : Completed (149 chapters) Copywriter : "You can't enter my study because there is information." "You can't interrupt when I'm in the study, because I'm working." "You can't come to visit...

  • The Rebirth Wife Of The Seventies (MTL) ✓
    255K 4.6K 119

    NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE:七十年代娇媳妇 AUTHOR:素昧平生 In order to marry the male educated youth of the brigade in his previous life, Ye Qingshui used his kindness to marry him without hesitation. However, life after marriage is not as good as imagined. In order to return home, the man divorced her again. The painstaking desig...

  • Back Again
    170K 5.1K 101

    What would you do if you find yourself dead and brought back to life with a new identity? What more, if you became a child, and that child your soul is inhabiting with is your niece? What would you do if you find yourself living your life as your sister's daughter and facing the one you like in the past as your father...

  • Villain, How Are You? (MTL)
    1M 15.5K 200

    *WARNING!! a machine translation novel. So don't come at me about a bad grammar* Original Title : 反派男主你好坏[快穿] Author : 肥肥 (Fatty) Status : Ongoing (current chapters 275) Copywriter : As one of the cannon fodder fiancée of reverse harem meat protagonist, Yu Niao's dying regret is that she has not enjoyed the love of me...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hello, Heir
    465K 9.7K 111

    He is the heir of Di Hao Group; decisive, cold-blooded yet dotes on his wife a little too much. "Husband, I think I want to rear a pet. What do you think we should rear?" "Rear you." "Husband, I want to change bed sheets. Which material do you think is the most comfortable to sleep on?" "You." "........." Zhuang Nai N...

  • Rebirth: Back To Claim Husband And Wealth
    97.6K 3.2K 41

    Chang Ying discovered that after living a life where her husband whom she hadn't even tasted yet was snatched from her hands, her family was destroyed and she lived in abject poverty, it wasn't her fault at all! Worse, her life was just collateral damage in an unexpected love rival's rebirth-revenge story. Worse, wel...

    898K 33.2K 75

    ♡̷̸⁩ notes: title and cover changed. avoid voting! ┈ ❥︎ synopsis I was reincarnated as a daughter of the count's family and the young one-sided lover of the male lead who recuperated as a child. The daughter is a small-time villain who tried to separate the male lead and female lead which caused her family to get ruin...

  •  Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character's Ex-wife
    30.8K 746 66

    Synopsis Ruan Jiujiu transmigrated into a rebirth essay, and the female lead had a loveless white moonlight in her previous life. In the book, Cheng Jun had a good face but did nothing, who was a vase beauty with a cold personality. And Ruan Jiujiu transmigrated into Cheng Jun's ex-wife, a vicious female partner who i...