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  • You've Got it Bad
    597K 13.9K 100

    "I'm here now. I'm here to patch you back up until you're good as new. And love you until you forget what that hurt feels like." For a long time, Jade Thirlwall had been plagued by the trauma of her childhood. Which led her into even more trauma in her adult life. She had been used and abused her entire life. Ever si...

    Completed   Mature
  • Anonymous
    96.1K 3.4K 30

    Jade and Perrie have been best friends since they can remember. They do everything together all the time and it's had an affect on Perrie's emotions. Perrie isn't confused about her emotions she knows that she's in love with Jade, but she's pretty sure Jade does not feel the same. Perrie needs a way to get her feeling...

  • Sorry, But I'm Taken || Jerrie FanFic
    198K 7.5K 35

    Perrie Edwards tries not to let her emotions get the best of her every time she sees Jade Thirlwall (whom she has a massive crush on) because apparently, Jade Thirlwall is taken. Completed: May 15, 2017