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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wattpad Premium?

Wattpad Premium is an enhanced, subscription-based version of Wattpad. It’s the same Wattpad you know and love, supercharged. Premium subscribers receive uninterrupted, ad-free reading across all their devices and unlimited offline stories. Subscribers also receive bonus Coins—up to 66% more Coins free—with every purchase of any Wattpad Coin package to unlock Paid Stories. Another Premium feature? Access to custom theme colors to personalize the entire Wattpad experience.

Why does Wattpad need ads?

Since 2007, we’ve grown our incredible community to 90 million monthly users across the world. Doing that requires a lot of resources, technical infrastructure, and support.
As with many online platforms, we currently use ads to keep Wattpad going—you may have seen them around! We’ve also received many requests for an ad-free Premium option—standard with most apps these days. Wattpad Premium is our way of enabling our community to access an ad-free and enhanced reading experience, all while enabling us to continue our work of creating a home for our global community and their favorite stories.

Will the free version of Wattpad go away?

No, reading and writing on Wattpad will always be free. Whether you use the free version or enjoy Premium, Wattpad will always be where stories live.

What are bonus Coins?

Wattpad Premium subscribers get exclusive access to bonus Wattpad Coins when they purchase any Coin package. Depending on your Coin package purchase, as a subscriber, you can enjoy up to 66% more Coins to use to unlock any Paid Stories.

How do I purchase Wattpad Coins?

You can purchase Coins in the Coin Shop on your Wattpad app. To visit the Coin Shop, tap on the Coin balance listed on your profile.
As a Wattpad Premium subscriber, you’ll receive bonus Coins with every Coin purchase.
Learn how to add Coins to your wallet here.

Can I use Wattpad Premium anywhere I use Wattpad?

Yes. When you subscribe to Wattpad Premium you will automatically have access to Premium features wherever you use Wattpad. For example, if you purchase your subscription through your iTunes account, you will also be upgraded if you use the Android or web versions.

How do I subscribe to Wattpad Premium or Premium+?

You can now subscribe to Wattpad Premium and Premium+ from within the Wattpad Android or iOS apps. To upgrade, simply tap on the Try Premium button from the home screen, or select it in your Settings menu. Once you subscribe, your account will instantly be upgraded to the subscription of your choice wherever you use Wattpad—including in-app and on the web.

If I subscribe to Wattpad Premium, am I no longer supporting writers who make money from ads?

Through Wattpad Premium, you are supporting writers, as your subscription helps Wattpad build features and programs that help writers succeed and empowers our community to connect and grow.
Through Wattpad Premium+, you can unlock 2 Paid Stories per month to directly support your favorite authors.

What is offline reading?

Offline reading allows you to read your favourite Wattpad titles without internet connection. Through our Library management experience, you can add your chosen titles to your Offline List and read on the go. Add stories to your Offline List while connected to the internet, and immerse yourself in your favourite characters’ lives, internet-free.
You are in control of how and when Wattpad uses your internet connection and device storage, so you can customize your Wattpad experience according to your preferences.

How can I add a story to read offline?

To add a story to your offline list, you can visit your Library and tap the icon followed by “Add to Offline List” where the story is listed. You must be connected to the internet to add a story to your offline list.

How can I remove a story from my offline list?

To remove a story, go to your Library and tap the icon next to the story you wish to remove, followed by “Remove from Offline List”

How many stories can I read offline with a Wattpad Premium subscription?

As a Premium subscriber, you can add unlimited stories to your offline list and read them without an internet connection.

Can I read stories offline on the web version of Wattpad?

Offline reading is currently only available on the Wattpad app.

How can I change my theme color?

As a Premium or Premium+ subscriber, you can choose from over 10 different theme colors to customize Wattpad your way. In the Wattpad app, visit your Profile > Settings > Customize Theme and select a color. On desktop web, visit your Profile and select a theme color from the panel on the left of the page.

Wattpad Premium+

What is Wattpad Premium+?

With Premium+, you can unlock Paid Stories of your choice, from a growing collection of 600+ stories in every genre, only on Wattpad. You can unlock 2 Paid Stories/month with a monthly plan, 12 Paid Stories with a 6 month plan, and 24 Paid Stories/year with an annual plan. Paid Stories are currently available in English, Filipino, French, Spanish, German, and Indonesian.
Plus, you get all the features of a Premium subscription, including an uninterrupted, ad-free experience, unlimited offline reading, bonus Coins on every Coin pack purchase, exclusive Reaction stickers, and theme colors to customize Wattpad your way.

What happens if I don’t use my quota of Paid Stories within my subscription period?

Unlocks expire at the end of your subscription period and are reset on the date your subscription renews. For example, with a monthly plan, if you have only unlocked 1 of the 2 Paid Stories in a month, your quota will reset to 2 Paid Stories next month, and not 3 Paid Stories. To make the most of your subscription, we recommend using all your unlocks. Once unlocked, your selected Paid Stories will be available in your Library to read at your own pace.

Where is Premium+ currently available?

Premium+ is currently available to Wattpadders using the iOS and Android apps worldwide for readers with access to Paid Stories.

Can I access a free trial of Premium+?

Wattpadders on iOS devices can try Premium+ free for 7 days. During your free trial, you can unlock 1 Paid Story of your choice, and enjoy all the perks of Premium. When you continue your subscription after the trial, you will be able to use the remaining unlocks available with your Premium+ plan.

When does my Paid Stories quota renew with Premium+?

If you have a monthly subscription, your quota of 2 Paid Stories per month renews on the same date your subscription renews. For example, if you subscribed to a monthly plan of Premium+ on 15th April, you can unlock 2 more Paid Stories on 15th May.
You can check your renewal date from your App Store / iTunes or Google Play account.

Can I change my plan from Premium to Premium+ (upgrade)?

To upgrade to a Premium+ subscription on your iOS device, tap the “New offer” button at the top of your Home screen in the Wattpad app. You can choose from the plans available for upgrade here.
To upgrade to a Premium+ subscription on your Android device, open the Google Play store, sign in to your Google account, and tap the navigation drawer. Choose “My Subscriptions,” and select the Wattpad app. Click on “Manage Subscriptions,” select your Premium subscription and tap cancel. Return to the Settings screen on your Wattpad app, click subscriptions and select the Premium+ subscription. Your subscription will be upgraded immediately, and the price difference between the new and old subscription will be charged to your preferred payment method.
*Refund eligibility might vary by country or region. See the Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions.
*Refund eligibility might vary by country or region. See the Google Play Terms of Service.

Can I change my plan from Premium+ to Premium (downgrade)?

To switch to a Premium subscription on your iOS device, visit your iTunes account via your device settings, cancel your current Premium+ subscription and then select either a monthly or annual subscription of Wattpad Premium from the subscriptions available on the list. You will be asked to confirm your transaction and can then return to Wattpad. The next time your subscription renews, you will pay the lower price of Wattpad Premium.
To switch to a Premium subscription on your Android device, open the Google Play store, sign in to your Google account, and tap the menu. Click on Subscriptions, select your Premium+ subscription and tap cancel. Once cancelled, you can choose the Premium subscription and return to the Wattpad app. You will continue to have access to your Premium+ subscription until your next billing date, when you will begin your Premium subscription and pay the lower price of Premium.

How does my Premium+ subscription support writers?

When you unlock a Paid Story with Premium+, we give a portion of your subscription payment to the writer as per our contractual agreements.