Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wattpad Premium?

Wattpad Premium is an enhanced, subscription-based version of Wattpad. It’s the same Wattpad you know and love, supercharged. Premium subscribers receive uninterrupted, ad-free reading across all their devices. Subscribers also receive bonus Coins—up to 66% more Coins free—with every purchase of any Wattpad Coin package to unlock Paid Stories. Another Premium feature? Access to custom theme colors to personalize the entire Wattpad experience.

Why does Wattpad need ads?

Since 2007, we’ve grown our incredible community to 70 million monthly users across the world. Doing that requires a lot of resources, technical infrastructure, and support. As with many online platforms, we currently use ads to keep Wattpad going—you may have seen them around! We’ve also received many requests for an ad-free Premium option—standard with most apps these days. Wattpad Premium is our way of enabling our community to access an ad-free and enhanced reading experience, all while enabling us to continue our work of creating a home for our global community and their favorite stories.

Will the free version of Wattpad go away?

No, reading and writing on Wattpad will always be free. Whether you use the free version or enjoy Premium, Wattpad will always be where stories live.

Why did Wattpad add Paid Stories and Wattpad Premium. Is Wattpad going to become a paid platform?

Paid Stories and Wattpad Premium are two completely different programs, but both were created with a mission to enhance the Wattpad experience for our community—whether you’re a reader or a writer.

You can now enjoy Wattpad in 3 ways:
1. Read for Free: Enjoy Wattpad the way you always have. There are still hundreds of millions of free stories on Wattpad and that isn’t going to change.
2.Try Wattpad Premium: Subscribe for an enhanced reading experience with uninterrupted ad-free reading, access to bonus Coins for Paid Stories, and customized themes.
3. Discover Paid Stories: Support Wattpad writers by purchasing Coins for access to exclusive stories.

What do you get with Wattpad Premium?

Wattpad Premium offers an enhanced reading experience. When you subscribe to Wattpad Premium, you’ll instantly be able to browse, read, and publish stories, without seeing ads. Premium subscribers are also rewarded with bonus Coins with every purchase of any Coin package that can be used to unlock Paid Stories. You’ll also get access to fresh, exclusive colors to personalize your Wattpad experience.

What are bonus Coins?

Wattpad Premium subscribers get exclusive access to bonus Wattpad Coins when they purchase any Coin package. Depending on your Coin package purchase, as a subscriber, you can enjoy up to 66% more Coins to use to unlock any Paid Stories.

How do I purchase Wattpad Coins?

You can purchase Coins in the Coin Shop on your Wattpad app. To visit the Coin Shop, click on the Coin balance listed on your profile.
As an added perk, as Wattpad Premium subscriber, you’ll receive bonus Coins with every Coin purchase.
Learn how to add Coins to your wallet on the Paid Stories website.

Will I get bonus Coins monthly?

You can purchase Coins in the Coin Shop on your Wattpad app. To visit the Coin Shop, click on the Coin balance listed on your profile. Premium subscribers have access to bonus Coins any time they choose to purchase a Coin package. However, subscribers do not get Coins automatically deposited into their wallet.

How many bonus Coins do I receive with my Premium subscription?

The number of Bonus Coins you receive depend on the Coin package you purchase. You will see the amount of bonus Coins available to you in the Coin Shop on your device.
To learn more about Wattpad Coins, visit our Paid Stories website:

I thought Wattpad Premium subscribers could enjoy unlimited access to Paid Stories?

For a limited time, we were offering Premium subscribers the opportunity to try our Paid Stories at no extra cost. This limited Premium perk has now been retired. However, Premium subscribers can keep exploring Paid Stories with the opportunity to access bonus Coins when they purchase any Coin package.

I was reading a Paid Story with the limited perk of full access to Paid Stories as a Premium subscriber. Do I still have access to this story?

Premium subscribers were given limited time access to Paid Stories. All users now need to purchase Coins to access Paid Stories, whether or not they were previously reading them. Premium users have the exclusive perk of getting up to 66% more Coins for any Coins package purchase.

Why don’t Wattpad Premium subscribers get access to all Paid Stories?

Wattpad Premium and Wattpad Paid Stories are two distinct offerings. Premium is a subscription service that provides an enhanced reading experience to Wattpad users. Paid Stories is a program we developed to provide a way for readers to show monetary support for the writers they love. To learn more about Wattpad Paid Stories, click here.

Can I use Wattpad Premium anywhere I use Wattpad?

Yes. When you subscribe to Wattpad Premium you will automatically have access to Premium features wherever you use Wattpad. For example, if you purchase your subscription through your iTunes account, you will also be upgraded if you use the Android or web versions.

How do I purchase Wattpad Premium?

You can only purchase Wattpad Premium from within the Wattpad Android or iOS apps. To upgrade, simply tap on the Go Premium button from the home screen, or select it in your Settings menu. Once you purchase Wattpad Premium, your account will instantly be upgraded wherever you use Wattpad—including in-app and on the web.

If I subscribe to Wattpad Premium, am I no longer supporting writers who make money from ads?

Through Wattpad Premium, you are supporting writers, as your subscription helps Wattpad build features and programs that help writers succeed and empowers our community to connect and grow.
Wattpad will always be free and accessible to everyone. And as with every new feature that we launch, we're closely monitoring how this affects our community, including the impact on how our writers make money.

Is the content different with Wattpad Premium?

No. Wattpad Premium offers an enhanced reading and writing experience within the same Wattpad you know and love through benefits like ad-free, access to bonus Coins, and exclusive color themes.
Wattpad Premium doesn’t mean premium content. The stories will remain the same, regardless of whether you are a free user or a Premium user.