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Hey I was wondering how i can view the private chapters. I already follow you and tried refreshing 


hey!! i would love if chapter 49 could be published? it’s such a wonderful book and it seems as if chapter 49 holds a lot of juicy details about the overall plot. if you could please post it that would be wonderful 


hi can u please please please publish the priv chapters from dominant, i missed a big part of the story line bc of it thx ):


Please post publish the private chapter 9 of dominant, I love this story so so much. ♥️♥️♥️❤️♥️♥️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️♥️


Hey please can you tell me what can i do to read the missing chapters from DOMINANT❤..I refreshed the page hundreds of time and followed and unfollowed you many times and I even logged out and in several times but it still doesn't work ..can you help me please your story is just WONDERFUL❤❤ and I can't let myself to miss  such an AMAZING story❤❤ like yours❤❤ so please help me


Can’t read some chapters!! What about chapter 9? The best bit! I followed you and saved the book...


Hi! There are still many chapters of your book Dominant that I have been unable to read even though I have followed you and added the book to my library again. I’m on chapter 49 and missing a large of piece of story context that I would LOVE to read. I’m not sure if you have a reason for not having them uploaded but I just wanted to point out the issues. I LOVE your work & writing.


I am unable to read the 9th chapter of Dominant. I followed you and re-added the book to my library but I'm still unable to read it. If you can please fix this as soon as possible. Other than that your story is very good and I love it so far.