Hello guys, and to the ones who did not yet get your destined covers, please be patient my computer crashed I'll upload tomorrow! I promise i have done all of the ones just couldn't upload it in time! I'll upload it asap!


I was wondering if you could make me a cover? If your not to busy... If you can message me and I'll give you the details... Thx:)


Hi :) 
          I would really appreciate it if you would make me a cover ? I seriously suck with it. Please let me know if you are interested to make the cover. It would be amazing!


Hi. So my friend recommended you that you are an excellent cover maker....so please do make m one too ty x


hi i was wondering what you used to make the cover for your book covers book? sounds weird but i really need it


i used to use Pixlr,
            but now that i will start to 
            make covers again, i'm
            using Photoshop cS3 :) x


like i said, im not going to do covers anymore :)
          i hope you understand, school is hectic.
          but if i ever end up doing it again, i'll tell you guys asap! :) x


Hey there, do you think you could check out my book? It would mean a lot if you do :)
          Also could you please make me a cover? If you can please private message me :)


Could you possible make me a cover ? ❤️
          i. tittle- Just Alice 
           ii. subtittle- im not really sure what this is, but i think i have an idea. So i guess make it
          (Our2ndLife FanFiction);
           iii. ideas- the main character is a 'loner' type girl so i guess if you can do something with that lol, she has long blonde hair soo (: haha
            iv. username; just_me_being_random
            v. payment- I'll dedicate a chapter to you and follow you (:
          THANK YOU LOVE xx