hi yall. i've been getting a few messages asking whether it's okay to translate my fics into other languages, and i'm super flattered, but the truth is i'd rather not. i'm sorry if i disappointed anyone by saying this, but i figured this would be the quickest way of letting everyone know.
          	thank you for your understanding! it honestly means a lot to me that so many of you are enjoying my writing. don't forget to smile today :)


You really made me cry and still hurts my heart June 27th definitely one of my fave even tho i hate camren sad endings, i love your works ngl❣️❣️


Hi lemme just tell you I've come across hundreds of camren stories but yours are definitely my favorite. How you manage to make it short but greatly satisfying to readers and give justice to the characters are pure talent. You're amazing!!! Please keep up sweety, cuz you're really good at what you do 


I think I've read each one of your stories at least four times (that's how much i am obsessed with your writing). I love them all and i love the way you put words together. It's simple and heart-wrenching at the same time. Like magic