I just realized I wrote this and used "Divina" waaay before the lolas & KS Alden started calling her the same. I thought it would be much more intimate if A called her that. Trying to re-read what I've written so far, I was brought back to yesterday's episode when A called her "Divina" again. Meep.
          	I have the next chapter drafted but I wanna wait til I have the next finished before I put the former up. It's a continuity thing, I guess.
          	Also thinking of doing a one-shot based on the much newer "rumored" REAL status of these two. We'll see. 
          	Have a great day, you guys!


Harrasment. You have said the forbidden word. You are going to jail 


Aww wala na yung Hello Richard author, di ko pa nababasa.  I know late na. 


Hi im also a avid fan af maine and alden ☺️☺️☺️


Hi! An avid fan here... Is Hello Richard finished already? Huhuhu... Sna dpa...
          And yes am looking forward to r & d too...:-) :-) :-) :-)  i so love ur work...makes me smile, happy and giddy...:-) :-) :-)  hope u update soon! God bless!


Hi. Just wanna ask when will you update Hello Richard. Is it complete already.?


Hi! I was wondering if Hello, Richard has reached its end? Coz i kinda miss the updates 


Hello @yesjawn,
          So much feels for Hello, Richard.  Will you write all the details in R and D?  I really hope you would, starting from how PA Maine got the job, etc.  Everyone loves a good love story!  More power to you.


Hey; I luv the book: Secret Correspondence, it came up in my notification and I read it backwards, sorry cause the updated pages came first in my notification box and those are the ones I read first. So hey I also followed u back so don't be a stranger bro. Bro Fist!


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