about lust: i see a lot of questions and comments about the plot so i feel the need to clarify again. THERE WILL BE NO CHANGE IN PLOT. The story is under revision, meaning I will only edit the grammatical and typographical errors to improve the quality. The first person POV will become third person. THAT'S ALL. Please stop asking me over and over again about the plot, please :( I'm not changing it.


@yeolimerent oh gosh thanks author for the explanation. I'm about to pm you as to why the other chapters aren't there anymore hehehe...


I read this fic on spanish and then I did not find it anymore:( I barely speak english so I’m gonna cry in latam now:’((((


talking about wrath btw


I am happy to hear that you doing well and still writing even if is just to revise. As you know, you my favorite author here and to say I enjoy work is just doesn't seem to be enough. How are your classing going? You are in the medical field, right? I continue to wish you well.
          I was curious about if you are planning to publish any new work? I know you said that the series was not holding your interest right now but do you any other projects in mind? 


Hi authornim, thank you for updating chapter 3! I know Lust is currently under revision, at first I thought you were only gonna correct maybe some grammatic mistakes even though it was spotless but then I saw you were also gonna write it fully in 3rd person. I just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Don't get me wrong, I loved the original as it was but I've never been a fan of 1st person narrations, in fact Lust was the first and only fanfic I've read that was partially written in 1st person. To think that when I first came across it I almost discarded it because of that but the description was so good and the prologue was a hooker so I had to give it a try and before I knew I was obsessed with it. What made it even better for me is that it was a combination of both 1st and 3rd person. And like I said before I loved the original version but now that it's fully gonna be written in 3rd person, it's gonna be pure gold authornim. This fanfic was the best, now it's gonna be the most bestest ㅠㅠ ♡♡♡


"HBD" - sassy Baekhyun, Lust 
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          I'm a bit late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUTHORNIM!!!. I hope you had a wonderful day filled with love and laughter. May all your birthday wishes come true and may you always be happy. You are a very special person and deserve only the best. Take care and stay safe authornim, lots of love ♡♡♡ 


@ChanBaek_Neighbour thank you! I appreciate you and I hope you're well.


Ik I'm late but happiest birthday 
          My favourite author nim.
          I love you soooooooo muchhhh 
          I always love your fics and enjoy it alot.
          I don't have enough words to show my respect to you and your work. 
          You have no idea how grateful I am to your parents. They give us the kindest soul and best ever exol + author Nim.
          Thank you author nim for being born.
          Happiest birthday again  
          May Allah bless you and give you all the love of the world. 


@wolfwinterchild thank you for greeting me. It means a lot. I hope you're happy and blessed ♡


Hello my beloved authornim, it's been a while . I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday.  I remember it to be in the month of july if i'm not mistaken. I hope you will be happy spending these precious days with your loved ones. Stay blessed. 
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@sarnim9 this is so sweet of you to remember :--( thank you and stay blessed as well ♡


Hello Authornim! I love your fics and LUST is my most favourite one!!!! I read it about 4 times already and I’m here for the fifth time and I’m waiting for all the chapters to unfold again and I can’t wait to experience the minor changes u r gonna make! Like how it feels to read in 3rd person some lines! Only One question! Are you uploading one chapter a week or what is the time u take to upload one chapter??