Shoutout to the amazingly creative @TheMythicalCommunity for being awesome sauce!✨✨


Sometimes all you need to get through life is a healthy environment and supportive friends. At @MerakiWriters you will find just that. We are a successful community - a fun, active place at Wattpad where you can better yourselves. 
          Do you like to promote stuff? Do you love writing? Do you make amazing designs? Or are you a poet? Do you think you are not a writer who can write paragraphs but can come up with catchy titles? Or do you think you are good at audio acting? Are you a judge? Or are you good with face claims? 
          There are so many many roles to choose from, here in Meraki. Never worry that you won't be able to fit in. You will. Contributions are necessary but I assure you that you will find supportive friends, talented mates and friends to goof around with. Just some people to get you through a bad day or help you feel better about yourself. A group of like-minded people can achieve great things. We believe in that. We hope you do too! 
          Hop in and head over to our hiring book to sign up for these roles. Can't wait to see you there!!