Ayeeee fresh into adulthood, I'm officially 18 today!
          	Shout out to all of you who made it past your school years, perhaps the most troublesome and stressful years going from kid to teen. Shoutout to all of you who are stuck in a hole and can't seem to find the way out, it does get better and you can get through it. Shout out to the adults who are keeping it real and not raising your kids in ignorance and treating them the way you should have been treated. Lots of love and keep it lit! 


@xxSkemoxx183 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA!!!!!!!!! Woooohhhhooooo fellow Leo! Mine is next week Wednesday


@xxSkemoxx183 ✌❤❤


          I know it seems random hehe. But I just wanted to let you know your story "Lupus Deus" is really AMAZING and I LOVE IT very much. I was mesmerized by how you described their character that I can even feel their love towards each other.
          And I'm not even joking when I say your story line is just very consuming and overwhealming at the same time. When I read it, I can't tell the time, i just go with it and let the story consume my body and soul. I know i'm over reacting. I just can't describe it properly, because the story itself is already perfect.
          Anyway, I love Vivian and Zaliver haha. And lowkey opinion, I feel kinda bad for Hogan atm, because he's just really whiped over Zaliver. But I hate him at the same time.
          And please please pretty please with the cherry in top, if you read this give me some respond , at least a like on this post haha. But I just hope you read it, because I just wanted you to know I LOVE YOUR STORY AND I LOVE YOU.
          K, thx, BAIIIII


Love has many definitions. Every individual define it in his or her own way. This is the journey of two people who also define the beautiful meaning of love.
          Please go through story if you can. This is my first story. I will be really grateful for your support. 


Lupus deus is just soo❤️❤️❤️❤️ I have never read a wold book as interesting and adventurous as this. Pls keep writing more books . 


@Ogundele3 indeed its an interesting book. But am still confused about the prologue when mother luna bit her wrist  to make the mate why it said it was a boy but Vivian Grey is a girl?! Am perplexed about it care to enlighten.


Zalivier azrala the scary wolf god


          It's been so long I cried, laughed, cursed and had fun with all the characters in a book. Now, I'm actually wishing werewolves existed. Imagine a mate as Zaliver (lemme faint now)
          Your book is ah-may-zinggg❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I was hesitant to read lupus dues at first but I'm damn glad I read it. I've read a lot of werewolf books and your book tops all of it. It's definitely my favourite ❤️✨


I just finished lupos deus and I'm so happy I've found the book. There a little amount of books with a lot of chapters that could get a hold of my attention from the very first to last. Out of all the warewolf stories that I've read so far (and I've read a lot, like a LOT) lupos deus is definitely mu number 1 fav❤


Believe me , lupus dues , is one the best werewolf book I've ever read ❣❣❣  .
          Keep up the good work darling