Safe & Sound, anyone remember that? Would you guys freak if I told you I might bring it back?


Hey so, I know this is probably really annoying, but would you consider re publishing Safe and Sound and Better Days?  Please, I never got to finish them and I have yet to find another Daryl Dixon FF that compares. It was brilliant, amazing, wonderfully written. Please reconsider. Thank you. 


To those of my lovely followers who are concerned about the removal of both my books "Safe & Sound" and "Better Days"... I want you all to know that the removal of these was of my own doing. And that while I appreciated, and adored each and every one of my sweet, sweet readers... I am sorry to say that due to personal decisions and other unspoken things concerning my life, I have decided to no longer continue either books. I assure you that this was not for any random reason, and their discontinuation was and will always be a painful sacrifice for me. I will continue writing other books, short stories, poems, journal entries... etc, just know that my fanfictions will no longer be apart of my journey as a writer. I truly do love each and every one of you, and I want to thank you for supporting me, uplifting me, encouraging me, and filling my life with an incomprehensible amount of happiness for the irreplaceable time you took part in my works. 
          Thank you so much, I apologize for the sudden change. 
          Continue to shine, my loves. 
          - Abby xx


@xthewalkingabbyx I'm going to cry...


@xthewalkingabbyx  it's alright. we love you lots too :) i have enjoyed the experience and your writing skills are just amazing.. so please keep writing! I hope things are alright and um, yeah..


            That's alright
            Your books your decision 
            I'm hella late though a week later I notice