Hello to the person who somehow ended up here😊

•My name's Sadia and I'm 15.
•I'm an ambivert
•I love makin' friends and so if you'd be my friend that would be great 😁
•I love watching movies and reading stories here.
•I am also a potterhead and a Marvel fan...😉
•Stranger Things is love ♡♡♡
•And I like vampire,werewolf types of supernatural stories...
•I love listening to music and Billie Eilish is my idol...I love her and her songs ❤❤❤ I also love Taylor Swift!!! I miss 1D...😢... I love Post Malone, Alan Walker too!!! Trust me there's a lot!!!

So yeah, I guess that's all about me which I'm gonna mention here coz if I tell you all about me here it's gonna take forrreeeveeerrr!!! 😆😆😆

Anyways, you may call me weird for anything that I've said which seemed weird to you. Cause, that's the way I am 😊
And, I love the way it is...
I am also writing a story which I'll probably post in the future... And I'm excited...😄

Lastly, To the person who have read till the end, thank you for reading all of that... I wanna know about others too so, again let's be friends.😊😊😊
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Yippppeeeee!!! I have more than 100 followers now!!! Thank you guys soo much!!! Y'all made my day   \(^◡^)/It hasn't been so long that I've made this acc and now I've got so many friends!!! :DLet m...
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