HEY EVERYONE. I'm so sorry I havent been on in ages, my life took a turn for the worst and the past couple of months I've been trying to pick up the pieces. But I'm back!! I'm going to be working on perfecting and adding to the stories I have up or possibly starting some knew ones. STAY TUNED <3


I know you haven't been on here for a while, but I just want to say that I absolutely love your stories. I read them, or what there is of them, when you were still writing on here, and I fell in love with them. and as much as I want you to update, I don't expect you to, so I'll just keep the book in my library, and hope for updates anyways. I hope you're doing well. ♡


i follow you and i like ur book 'wake up, it's over' and please update!! thx. and please follow and check out my book it would be a great motavation for me. bye!!!:)


i am in love with your writing. (: but i need moree! please finish the stories:3 i need them (:


I fanned you because your profile is really interesting! But I am going to read your book :P


I added your book Save ME. and I like it. but i just started writing a book. yeah it's called The Summer That Changed Me and well...its going good. SO I would love for you to help me promote it and do whatever you can! Thanks xoxomak