Alright. It's about time I've changed this since I've had the same about me since I first got an account. So hello there! Nice to meet you! Unless of course I've already met you, then it's a pleasure to see you again! Welcome to my page! My name is Anna. I absolutely love writing fanfictions! So much, actually, I accidentally made a wholock crossover. Whoops! Anyways, I'm 14 years old. My favourite book is Jane Eyre as of now. Erm.. I love to write. And I like feedback! Whether it be positive or negative! I've thought about my life a lot lately and I figured why not map it out? There are several pathways of course. Right now, which I hope this doesn't last for long but, I dream of becoming the first woman Doctor (On Doctor Who) when I get older. If they'll allow it, of course. But I'm only small now, and my dreams will change. But that'd be pretty cool, don't you think? If not that, I would like to become a musician in an orchestra (perhaps a conductor?). As of now, I can play four instruments: the Clarinet, the Piano, the Saxophone, and the Guitar. I'll be in many band activities here soon, so I won't post every day, but I'll try to make it as often as possible. Erm.. I love Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural. I also love the Thor movies (mostly because of Tom Hiddleston, but still). But anyways, welcome to my page, and my life, and I'd love to hear about yours! Please inbox if you'd like! Have a nice stay!
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