This is the part where an average creature of the man kind would go on to introduce itself, but I'm not an average creature of the man kind, so I'm not gonna do so, woo-hoo!

(imma say something, tho...lmao)

The only things I consider ''important'' for you to know about me, are that I'm a jumbo weirdo who's still in high school, I love writing, drawing and reading, I'm pretty unwilling and discouraged to pursue my dreams and make an effort to make my stooopid life better and more tolerable, and I ain't a native english speaker (as you can probably tell)...

Welcome to the mess that is my account that is basically my life that is basically just a mess which ain't gon' get fixed any time soon (I think), and I hope (cuz it may be impossible) that you'll enjoy your - probably - forced stay in this bootiful realm -not - that is my account, dear strangers.


PS: certified and mortified *heroic stance*
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xCleanxSocksx xCleanxSocksx Jan 24, 2020 02:35PM
I'm thinking of completely abandoning my wp account for a while... And i will do it, lol (so, technically I'm not really still in the process of thinking about it... But about to "put it into action"...
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