hi loves! ik that i've mentioned this acc taking a break/is closed, but i've been reading your emails & all the messages on my board and can't help myself to not write smth back in return. (so sorry that i can't reply your emails because theres too many of them :c) thank you so much for the tremendous support for my work despite me being very inactive. and my past works were definitely lacking so i literally have no idea how i've been receiving the support! wishing i could have time to write smth better for you guys to read in future! no promises, but let's hope my mind & rusty writing skills could come up with something for you guys to read. much misses, and i'd like to wish you guys a happy, happy new year!


@wtkfics ^
          	  Remember to stay safe! We love you. <3


@wtkfics Oh wow your still alive, I was scared
          	  anyway, thank you for repying, and take your time doing whatever you are!


@wtkfics I am happy to see that you are returning, I was lucky to appreciate your work when I translated Mr. Arrogant to portuguese. You are more than welcome back <3


If you guys are into sad ending and romantic stuff then go and check my book
          Its still ongoing and hope you will like it
          Vote share and read i will do same for you
          Love yaa