hey everyone! as my last book in the twilight series comes to a close i’m looking for some cover art for two stories of mine: harry potter and hunger games. If you’re interested in making me some, i’d love to talk with you! 


@writer_aly4 I can try anything specific?


I’m not great at that kind of thing but I can try 


Hi Aly,
          I just wanted to say that yesterday I finished your Jacob Black series, and I thought it was absolutely amazing in every shape and form. It was one of the best I've read, and I loved the way you wrote everything, from characters to descriptions.
          Also, though I am very sad the ending of the last book was finished, I can't tell you just how much I appreciate you putting the general synopsis of what happened in those discontinued chapters in the bullet points of the last post. I can emphasize with simply not being able to finish a story anymore, but having the thoughtfulness and respect to make sure the readers have closure is a huge deal to me personally, so instead of feeling devastated not knowing what happens to everyone, I am now all good despite the discontinuation, and I can just think back to the books fondly. I hope you are doing well and enjoying whatever you are currently up to in life :)
          - Neli


For some reason the website isn't letting me get into your third Jacob black book?? Could you please see if you accidentally deleted it or something pls??
          Don't mean to bother you, really love the book.