Hey, hey, hey! It's me wordsperminute. I'm a nerd and most of my books or poems suck! 😅 Have a nice life!

Hmmmm..... you should know.... that.... I have problems. : 3

Preferred Pronoun: they/them

Sexuality: if I like you, I like you..... that includes trees. God, trees are so smexy.

Anything else: I have the biggest crush on Soviet Union..... he will be mine MUHAHAHAHA Edit: things didn't work out, so imma crush on Canada now ^u^

I am @Official_Reichtangle 's Poland, so watch out I'm protected and I'm a country! ; )

UM, I'm also the other President, so lick my shoes. I kid, unless....

I just keep digging my grave bigger and bigger.

Edit 2020: I'm a stripper. ;) Come find me and you get a free round


Pls don't do that. I just did that as a stupid, not funny joke, but I'm still leaving that up there cause I'm an idiot. :)

Oi I'm in the Countryhumans fandom and the Hazbin Hotel fandom. I'm actually into many more things, but I ain't gonna tell u wat they are.... :) you don't need to find out. It will ruin your life.

My awesome polar bear friend is @xXCanadianHoneyyXx SO GO FOLLOW THEM!!!!

@Millie040305, @HostClub_Life, @Daddy_ThighsMassive (mother but actually daddy) and @FriendlySpiderMom are my adopted parents, so if you bullyment me I'm telling on you! Yo, @TexanGerman is my father/brother! My wife is Belaruscountryhumans. My child is sweet_n_sofft_kitty! HAHA, I HAVE SUCH A BIG WATTPAD FAMILY..... : )

All my books are dedicated to @GreekMotherGoose
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