Hello, my real name is Kimarie! Wolfiowl is just a mash-up of my two favourite animals!

My hobbies are drawing, reading, and sleeping. Is that a hobby? I am currently trying improving my drawing skills.

My personality is quite weird. I can be really formal into down right crazy. 'Unique' is a word that can describe my personality. I also like memes, awesome artist, fiction books, my best friends, friends awesome drawings, using emojis, wolfs, owls, and fantasy themed things!

The fandoms' I am in are; Hetalia and the Youtube Fandom! Tell me any other fandoms I should join.

I have a few signs of anxiety and depression, but don't be scared to talk to me! Even if I'll be quite nervous, sarcastic, ignorant, annoying, or anything, heheh...

That's all for now, bye! Thanks for reading this!
  • Malaysia
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