Things im good at:
•blinking my eyes
•eating food.
•loves the Kpop world.
*sleep every day
*make inhuman noises
*slap stupid people
*stealing food quietly at 3 am, so my parents dont hear me
* a very good assassin, i like cutting bananas
*being a psychopath
*a criminal, very good at being in "wanted" papers and very good behind bars

About me:
•im asian
•loves rice and noodles
•wants to marry a dog
•loves food
•loves fangirling
•great at handling life (kinda)
• I LOVES BOOKS OKEH, basically a book addict, help...
• awesome at breathing oxygen
•im a gerl
•i hate hate sexist people
•i support God.
•and im meeee :)
*i love indie singers<3
*born in september
*is a virgo
*loves rainy days
*u can trust me *smiles sweetly*

*I dont make books. I just wanna make friends and i just read here. So ya

*A fooking trash at yoonmin/taekook/ namjin/ BASICALLY EVERY DAMN SHIP IN THIS WORLD. IM SO MESSED UP RN

P.s. •When i said im asian. I dont have squinty eyes okeh.

In love with-
•color Blue💎💙🎽💧💦💤💨💍🐳🐬🐟🌌🎐🗻🗾🌃🚘🚙Ⓜ️💠➿♍️(i know its not blue, but i just wanna put it there coz im a VIRGOOOO🙌)🔹🔷🔵 and lucky BLUE smith ;)

*If you judge people by their race, religion, skin color, sexuality. WE CANNOT BE FRIENDS.

September song❤️
*"You were my september song, summer lasted too long~"❤️
JP cooper.
*"I remember the chorus, they were singing it for us❤️"

*fav singerss or bands idk
melanie martinez
BTS pshh hello
jp cooper
why dont we
james arthur
ed sheeran
julia michaels
martin luke brown
indie air
matt maeson
anna clendening
jesse reuben
koala krontol
emily warren

*what do you say to people who wears a suit? you say " it SUITS you just fine ;D"
k fine, ill kill myself geez

>my pic iz ryt der, soo yea, daz me, no, i dun wear makeup, its natural bea- hahaha wtf, the lighting is just good xD<

God Bless you fam✝
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