Hi everyone!!!! I’m new on here, and I thought it would be great if you guys could click on my profile and read my story? It’s about a nurse in New Amsterdam who discovers she’s a princess with fire powers after an incident at the hospital. She will help her family fight bloody and violent wars, all along discovering who she really is. 
                 It’s quite interesting!!! I haven’t gotten very far, just a prologue and two chapters, but I’m working on it daily and I will post as much as I can!!  I would really like for you guys to check it out, and I am open to criticism so my writing can grow and become better. I’ve really wanted to become an author for some time, and I’m just getting started on Wattpad!!! Thank you guys so much!!!
              - Reagan. 


I just love your Elite series books and I was wondering when are you going to update Guilty, because the season 4 announcement teaser came out and i am very much looking forward to it!! 



omg i’m gonna read it rnnn