I don't really know how to write a description. I mean, I read a lot about it but still doesn't work out but I'm still gonna write one so bear with me!
I'm a girl. I'm a nerd! 🤓 Oh and a geek! I LOVE Star Trek 🖖🏼 (the original one, William Shatner ya know) but I haven't seen Star Wars cause it's super rare to find. I like big words, I mean, I have the word of the day notifications! I kinda know Spanish. (Its a long story!) I have unrealistic goals for life. I'm UNBELIEVABLY immature. Hell, I laughed while taking a biology test since one of the answers was blue-footed booby birds. Looking for a show? Try The Blacklist or The Office or Tom and Jerry or Friends or Spongebob or Boy/Girl Meets World! Brooklyn 99's pretty amazing. I LOVE DISNEY!!!! But I've never been there...😭 I like a whole bunch of different music, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande, Louis Armstrong, Johann Sebastian Bach, Sabrina Carpenter and a lot more. I like learning and I value equality, not well since I'm a minority (of anything) I should be better and treated better. Everyone is equal unless your a butt hole, rude or something. Then you suck and you go to the bottom pal. I'm not really sure what else to say so I'll leave it at that! But I guess I'm what most people think of as a loser and I love it! I have no social skills so I apologize if I come off as rude or narcissistic or petty, or whiny because I assure you it's not my intention. As a result I'm blunt and don't send anything subtle messages or passive aggressive stuff so beware I guess... But I digress, :D HAVE A HAPPY DAY! You woke up breathing for a reason, accomplish something.

Oh and I'm free to talk if you wanna. :) I'm a pretty shy person even online kinda, like I don't start conversations but I can keep 'em going. :) Bye!👋🏼

P.S. I'm REALLY sorry, I don't want to be rude but I would really appreciate it if I didn't get any reading requests, if that's okay. I have a lot of books I got to read😔
  • Somewhere in Brooklyn...is a great song! :P
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