Hey buddy.. its been awhile since the last time u talked to me :(
          I missed you. 


@theJMiNS if u don't mind,what happen to her? :(


Let me just say that your fanfictions are ‍ I hope you can fix what's going on with your series or YouTube idk 


heyyy i hope you're alright and i found your channel today on youtube and let me tell you i was scREAMING !! i discovered your channel when i was new to the fandom and your stories instantly became my favorite but after sometime all your videos were just gone as if it never existed in the first place (ik i sound dramatic but i have a special connection to your vids because they were some of my first ff reads) and your videos never showed up for years and ig i was probably 10 or 11 at that time and now i'm 16!! even though only few videos are on your channel rn it's enough to have me screaming. i hope you know u literally made my day and i feel so happy to have found you<3 hope you are alright<3 love you


ok i wasnt 10 or 11 but maybe 12 or 13


I've been waiting for you since idk when  i miss your ffs  


I hope you are well.. at this point I'm worried about you rather than the ff. They where a grea read we enjoyed them and you did well. So just let us know if you are alright and if you need help we are here in any way needed.




you're so important to us...please be back soon. I'm waiting for you


Please upload the FF mysterious marriage on YouTube, it was just amazing. I hope Ur healthy and happy.