• Hello my name is Emma

I'm 18...still act 12

i hope you enjoy my reading lists. i don't know if i'll write anything in the future but i'll have a think about it as i have ideas, i'm just not good at executing them. reading list will have ta do for now. sorry.

Well ummmmm...I don't have much to say...but if you want to get to know me please do, I have no friends and I'm not just saying that. so don't be shy (please) and feel free to message me.

some simple things about me are:
-i have 2 dogs
-i'm a cancer (yes i cry a lot)
-i want a pet bunny but my parents won't let me
- when i love a tv show/film i get hEviLy invested in it
-my favourite colour is yellow
-i have an odd obsession with bees
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