been receiving a lot of good things lately. tiktok contents of my works, facebook promotions, my lovely xqsts on discord, first ever twitter party, nicest words on my wattpad message board… wow. i might delete this later, but right now, i just wanna genuinely thank you all for being so freaking awesome and i thank God everyday for all of you. 
          	been in the dark for the past few years but God promised me that it won’t always be this dark… and here you are… slowly lighting up my universe that was used be nothing but pitch black. 
          	so thank you. you. are. all. awesome. ily. ily. ily. 
          	with ecstatic and grateful heart; 


@vousetesbeaux Mahal kita so much!


you bravely carried on despite the bad things has happened to you. super duper deserve mo po 'yong mga blessings na natatamasa mo ngayon, Ms. Kin!!! basta lagi mong tatandaan na mahal na mahal ka namin ng mga readers mo at hinding-hindi kami magsasawang suportahan ka. araw-araw. parati.
          	   #proudxqst #proudavidreaderofvousetesbeaux


@vousetesbeaux you deserve it ❤️ super love ur works 


Hiatus ulit si miss Ken dito sa watty? Huhuhu looking forward pa naman sa mga updates nya. Sinadya ko tlaga na tagalan yung pag visit dito since nag paramdam sya ulit para exciting kung may bago ba syang updates. Kaya pala wala sa noti ko.