Hey guys sorry have not been on Wattpd lately been buys I don't have a phone right now but hopefully will get one soon love all of you


you ok? im signing on after being off for a while so just checkin in lol


@newtownnobuildings hi I'm sorry for never responded to this account it is 4:46am here and I'm also sorry but it's been a long time since I've been on this account it's Vic I don't know who you are I'm sorry but someone's changed my account email and password so I'm trying to get it back and get back on this app um anyway could u tell me who u are becuase I don't reamber I haven't been on this app for a while are u Alex or Rachel or someone else 


Hey just wanted to say check out story title my music I type the lyrics down by hand so I put a lot of work into it also going to delete some chpters and add new ones so just check it out if you want to if you don't then ok