hellooo, i have very important & exciting news to share with you guys soon. i just want to announce it ahead of time because it means i’ll be working on things off-screen for a short while( not like there’s much writing going on with my exams next week, but still) 
          	it involves twenty new chapters for Wicked and Saints( yes, i’ll finally have a normal amount of ch for my books), so expect to see the boys & Ella in quarantine and more moments of Jas, her sins & the devil. also will be bonus chapters for both, with the backstories of the sins written out in chapters for each & stories about Ava and Alex while they were together, the boys’ previous camping trip( with the sheep) and more. 
          	more info will come as soon as possible( i expect everything to be more clear within a week or less.) 
          	anyway i’m very late but eid mubarak!! and hope you’re all doing well( i’m dying with gastroenterology, so hoping you’re all having a good time at least) 
          	lots of love xxx 


This is definitely the most exciting news I’ve heard so far!!!! I can’t wait  ♥️


@vividlycrimson18 this is so excitinggg, do I smell something being published? even if not best of luck and much love, we'll all support you in whatever you do xo


@vividlycrimson18 YAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! So excited; and for the Eid Mubarak-  thank youuuuuu.


hello, so I have finished three of your books, wicked, sinful, and notorious within the space of 1 week. and I loved them. they were amazing. also, if your wondering, I'm a huge procrastinator and I love reading. I mean, when are; not we procrastinating these days? anyway, I have also started reading kisses after midnight recently, and I just wanted to make sure that you're not going to leave the book hanging, cuz I hate it when someone has only updated a book like a year ago, meaning they'll never update again . so I just wanted to know if you'll finish the book, because it's amazing and I think you're talented. so, yeah. I just wanted to clear that


@mish18blackthorn hi! i know your question was for the author, but i couldn’t resist replying.
            ingri updates more than any author i’ve ever seen on this site. she’s in the middle of exams right now, so please be patient a little bit longer. i promise her stories are always worth the wait :)
            have a nice day! ❤️


I feel like I'm tha only one that wants Ingrid to update on sinners, I honestly need more of all the sins and ofcourse jasmine, 
          Love you Ingrid ,
          Your number one fan 


i totally forgot about her exams, sorry, i know you'll pass ingri ❤❤


@xXxdaniellawritesxXx  No, we all want that hahah but she has her exams now so we are just waiting (im)patiently :)


this message may be offensive
Do I love your books? Yes, I do
          Did I read wicked in a single go? Yes dammit, i did
          Did I fucking read your every single one of your work in a week when I have an exam coming up? Yes yes I so fucking did
          Man I love you


@I-have-no-talent I was joking too :) and no, I was just eating one when I made this account so I named it that .. I used to write a lot but then I got really really busy so i removed my works and made a new account. So I just made this one in a sorta weird mind state.


@Choclate_Truffle I was joking when I wrote that but I don't mind having a Wattpad friend  I'm guessing you love chocolate truffles from your username 


@I-have-no-talent well, I am down for besties if you want... ;)
            Also like I like your username, makes me feel relatable :))


Will there be more Ella and the boys scenes at camp in Wicked or will it just be Ava and Alex scenes and other flashbacks ?