Um.. hey i guess?

Facts about me
•i'm a human (obviously)
•I'm half otaku
• i love drawing in my free time
•i can be sarcastic or even rude sometimes.. so.. don't judge.
• i can be an angel and a devil.
• i treat people like they treat me.
• i love making people smile
• i don't hate
• i don't judge. I don't care if they're cutter or anything.
• i love making friends
• i don't give a damn about haters
• i'm not good with english. So please don't judge.

I think that's all.

If any of you want a friend to talk with or want to know me more, just dm me. I'm more than happy if you do that.
Really please.. talk to me ;-;

And.. if. You don't want me or don't want me to bug you in any way,.. just say it. It'll be the best for us.

Anyways, it's a may not be a good day but, raise your head, puff your chest, lift your chin and put your best smile! You never know who'll fall in love with your smile ^^

So, this is the end sorry if there's mispelled word or wrong grammar. My last word is KEEP SMILE !


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