Thank you for the follow @veron619 . I'm always open to suggestions to improve my writing. I hope enjoy reading my other works, as well. When will I  get to read any of your thoughts put in words? I'm sure those will be quite ehem...'entertaining'.


@jdauronca always welcome.  I did see that you had other works.  The SOCO files cover caught my eye, because certified Xphile here, fan club member since forever.  so i do plan on reading that and your others. 
            as far as me write...slim to none is the chance of seeing that happen. hahaha.


Veron619, friesbuddy here!
          Would you mind if I suggested you to atleast give a shot and try to read the MaiChard's fanfiction story entitled "No Words"?
          Veron619, if you are now sick of cliché scenes and too much unicorns/fluffs, then this is perfect for you :)
          If you just got a spare time, here's the link! http://my.w.tt/UiNb/qWjOJMrh7s or just visit my work section veron619..
          Thanks a lot and I hope you'll have fun reading it :)