dUDE HI do you even come on anymore :( idk but we used to talk so much when i'd just joined and yeah you probs dont remember me because i changed my username so many times, but yeah xx


yeah I still am! trying to keep up w it , it's difficult but yeah! a new story should be up soon :) wbu??


yeah and not so much either
          yES I HAVE
          aww, glad you enjoyed it!
          that's cool! we get those at the beginning of senior year and wear them to school- at some schools even juniors get those :) 
          coool, let me know how it goes
          i know omg
          we dont, actually. we just have sohoor (it's basically breakfast before dawn, sort of) so we'd have proper energy throughout the day :) we usually start doing it bit by bit as kids (minutes to more minutes to an hour to a couple etc.) so it's a piece of cake eventually :) first day is usually a little tough BECAUSE I WAS EATING ALL DAY YESTERDAY WHAT HAPPENED *cries* but then it becomes a habit!


i dont know for sure, but all five fathers never really make an appearance- ive always wondered why!
          ily toooo
          yesss, i havent had classes since like, april :) and i finished exams the day right before ramadan pheww
          how was did leaver's thing, your 'lil trip to the countryside , and makeup practise go? :)
          it felt so surreal is2g
          like, wait, what? this is what ive been working my ass of for all year? :o
          omg xD it was boring anyway idk
          reaaally? ive come to hear of some non-muslims who tried fasting and stuff. that was cool to know, especially that they did like it :)


*high fives you* 
          idkkk, ive been wondering!
          s'alright, you're talking to the president the national republic of laziness so
          awww, i stopped doing that like 5 yrs ago because that's when teachers stopped being nice people 
          our teachers this year, every single one of them, loathed us, and they told us so; it's a mutual feeling :) 
          but your english teacher sounds like a sweetheaaaart<3 reminds me of my english teacher in last year!
          purple is always a winner
          yay to the boobs xD
          im glad too omg, it almost felt like they were never going to end! when the guy took away my paper i felt liberated i s2g there was more oxygen in the room than ever
          im uncertain of what you mean by ". . . interesting" xD
          THANK YOUUUU 
          yes you did say it right! x
          fun fact: mubarak just means blessed :)