BTMC has ended! you can go check it out as it is my last fic. thanks to all those who were a part of my journey in being a writer!


@vaporlaur you won't write anymore?


I just finished BTMC and uhmmm.. ive been weeping for like 4 to 5 straight chapters and I am not okay, last I cried this long for a fic was when lucy died in DTM. anyways, I really love u and ur writing. the characters had so much depth in them and it's not just the regular fluff and cliche fics like some. 
          It was a wonderful ride tho I had to remind myself constantly that THIS IS JUST A FIC hahahaha. Deserves more recognition so yeah. Thanks for the angst and tears.
          oh and
          "you were the greatest adventure I got that I never knew I desired" 
          hit me right through the heart. 
          She got to see the world more than some do in their whole lifetime but her best adventure was the one she didn't even expect she longed for.


GURLLLL MY WIG WHEN FLYING // LIKE GURL U MADE ME FEEL EMOTIONS I DIDN'T KNOW I COULD FEEL (so thank u do much)//I hope u have a great day <3


Just checking in to make sure none of your masterpieces of work GONE!
          Have a great day wherever you are!


Ugh *whipping my tears*, just finished BTMC, and.. ugh! I'm out of words.. your writing is just.. it's.. it's amazing! The story is soo beautiful and inspiring, i didn't felt this much guided towards how to handle life when I read the Alchemist (maybe it's my brain capacity, i found it too boring to learn something), but this...
          God, i just loved it, and I cried (a lot!) But i didn't mind shedding tears for such a beautiful, moving and impelling story, great job and Thank you sooo much for sharing this with us!!! 


Have you ever thought of publishing BTMC? I mean I would buy a bunch of copies lol. This book just has so much meaning to it for it to just be here on Wattpad.


I just finished reading BTMC...i feel inlove to the story...i keep crying while reading was certainly one of the most beautiful story i ever got to read...i hope you write more.